Portable Fire Pit Uses & How-To

Whether you’re at the beach, out camping or even in your backyard, fire pits are versatile but often they aren’t something you can just pick up and go. With our Merax Portable Fire Pit, you can take the pit with you wherever you plan on going and have a toasty fire at your destination. Check out a few ways you can use a portable fire pit below:

Outdoor Party Focal Point

When you’re having a small outdoor get together when it’s a little chilly outside or during the evening, a portable fire pit is a great way to get people to congregate towards the same area and stay warm. If throwing larger outdoor parties is more of your style, you can get creative and have multiple fire pits for guests to warm themselves up and socialize.

Portable Marshmallow Roaster 

Our fire pit is a great way to spice up any event you are having with family or friends by allowing you to roast marshmallows and make s’mores or other foods. Bond around the fire while indulging in great meals with a portable fire pit.

Staying Warm

Whether you’re at a soccer game for your child and it’s freezing out or you don’t want to let cold weather keep you cooped up inside, our portable fire pit is a great option for you to stay warm wherever you happen to be outside.

How to Use


Make sure that wherever you place your fire pit, it’s in a stable environment to ensure the safety of you and others around you. A stable environment qualifies as a flat, stable surface. Examples of prime safe locations to  place a portable fire pit are: concrete, gravel, bricks and more.


Take care to ensure your fire pit is not directly below a roof or anything else that could catch on fire. Ensure that there is nothing that can catch fire in the immediate surroundings of your fire pit, such as dead leaves, pine needles etc. Be sure to keep a bucket of water nearby in the event of an emergency.

Extinguishing the Fire

The best way to extinguish the fire in your pit is to first use the included fire poker to separate the wood, making the flames smaller and easier to put out. Once the flames are reduced, slowly add water or sand to smother the fire until it is completely put out.



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Five Must See Winter Japan Destinations

Japan is a very populous country, and there are many cultural hubs, attractions, shopping centers, restaurants and more. During the warmer seasons, more people, including tourists, are out and about, making winter a very convenient time to visit Japan. Not only that, but winter is a very gorgeous time of year, providing visitors with unique and adventurous times.

Visit Japan in Winter


Okinawa is best known for many things, and its climate is definitely supreme in Japan during the winter. Boasting a subtropical climate, Okinawa is a wonderful place to be. Of course, this is to escape the normal winter scene and winter weather. There are very nice beaches and great places to go, but beware of one thing, the rain. If you’re wanting to avoid the winter rain in Okinawa, it’s best to travel there outside of the month of February.

Drift Ice

The Drift Ice is quite the attraction, and you might be wondering exactly what it means? It’s essentially sea water that is frozen and floating. It’s quite simply put a “majestic” part of nature and has a distinct sound as the planks of ice collide, which is famous in Japan.

This attraction is located at Ohkotsk Sea, and you should definitely take the time to visit Ohkotsk Tower. There is also the opportunity to take a train, or you can even take a cruise or go out on the ice planks. This experience you do not want to pass up.

Snow Festival In Akita

The Yokote Kamakura Snow Festival in Akita is a great thing to experience during the winter. You walk along through the snow, passing by huts that children have carved out. People are inside them, inviting you and other passersby to partake of goodies and beverages.

This festival is very historic, having been held for centuries. A visitor can learn quite a bit about the history of the locals there. The beverages are fermented and sweet, and grilled mochi is generally served as well.

Zao Ice Monsters

Just the simple fact there are ice monsters to visit makes anyone want to make a trip right? This is the site atop Mount Zao, where trees have been frozen over. There are thousands of them, and it looks as though they have faces. Like the drift ice, it’s quite a majestic sight.

But that’s not even close to being all you can do there. The ski lift can put you on the summit of Mount Zao, and there are drinks to be had, of course as you take part in watching the frozen ice monster trees illuminate in the night sky. Then it’s time to hit the hot spring to complete your visit to see the ice monsters.


In Gifu, this is a World Heritage Site, featuring a snow-capped, picturesque village out of the dream of dreams. These farmhouses offer lodging options, and there are illumination events to enjoy as well.

If you plan on visiting Japan during the winter, contact AllJapanTours to find more information and these five destinations are going to give you a grand tour. Just remember, February might not be the best month for Okinawa, and the ice monsters await.

Keeping Your Heating System Up-To-Date For Winter

The best time to make sure that your heating system is working properly is autumn. It is best to do it before the temperatures begin to drop so low that you will have to increase the heat in order to keep your home comfortable. The first task is to get a licensed and experienced heating and air conditioning repair company to check out the HVAC system in your home. The repairs and tunings should be done before the winter approaches since most companies will have a low staff presence during winter. In addition to this task, there are some important maintenance tasks that can and should be done by the homeowners themselves.

Getting the heating system ready for winter is more than just comfort. A well maintained heater will always help to keep your home warmer during winter, and it also means a lower heating bill. A heater that is well maintained and properly functioning will eliminate other hazards that are associated with a poorly maintained heating system. A poorly maintained heater can also lead to health hazards due to leakages of unwanted gases etc. The biggest problem with a badly maintained heating system is finding yourself stuck in the middle of the winter with a broken heating system, which can cause a small fortune in repair bills.

Keeping Your Heating System Up-To-Date For Winter

The first thing to look is the windows and doors in your house. Check if you have any cracked or broken windows and doors in your home. Even the best heater in the world will be useless if there are cracked & broken windows and doors in a house. The next task is to check the air filters of the heating system. Dirty air filters could greatly decrease the efficiency of a good heating system. This can also lead to breakdowns in your heater. You will not need to call a professional repairman, in order to clean the air filters. Check the air filters every week and replace them if necessary. Air filters can quickly be clogged with dust and other airborne debris.

The next important step in maintaining the heating system is to check its thermostat. Thermostats wear out more quickly than most people would anticipate. You must check on how closely the thermostat is reflecting the actual temperature in your home. This can be done easily by keeping a standard thermometer next to your thermostat. If the readings are different after some time, you will have to replace the thermostat in the heating system with a digital model, providing that the standard thermometer is accurate as per your experience with it. This type of maintenance work should be done by always turning off the power to your furnace. The heater’s fan blades can be cleaned if you are able to access them. It can differ according to the make and model of the heating system. If you have an older type of heating system, it may require lubrication from time to time. The blower shafts and the furnace’s motor may require a drop of oil or two every year. The belt on the furnace should also be aligned at all times for proper functioning of the heating system.

The above self-maintenance tips would help to keep your heating system in top condition during winter, thereby making your home comfortable and helping to save electricity costs in the process.

About the author

Vince Bradley is a kitchen appliance technician. He is specializing in stove and refrigerator repair. He likes to write and give advise about how to maintain kitchen appliance in good condition and also how to repair a broken home appliance. He is works for a ABCAuthorizedRepair in Studio City, CA.