5 Top Honeymoon Destinations In USA

USA is blessed with vast and sundry honeymoon destinations for all.  This ranges from the Atlantic shores, fascinating waterfalls, five star hotels and camping sites, to the Pacific Ocean.  You can be assured of fun, peace of mind and experience breathtaking moments with your loved one here. Some of the top honeymoon destinations in USA include:

1.    The Hawaii

Most people dream of their honeymoons in Hawaii Island.  Hawaii is greatly known for its breathtaking and natural scenes, which include warm sandy beaches, great shorelines for water surfing and other outdoor fun events, as well as five star hotels. Cuisines served here are delicious too, making it more fun to enjoy with your cherished one.  Most couples come here to have a lifetime moment swimming with dolphins.

5 Top Honeymoon Destinations in USA

2.    New York

The Empire state and Niagara Falls: Everyone would love to visit the great city of New York in their honeymoon, hence a great destination to plan for. Many honeymooners head here for lavish spending and good quality time in the city. New York is known to hold some of the world’s largest and best hotels and theatres.  If you love sight-seeing and exploring nature, Niagara Falls is the place for you.  Here, you will have a great opportunity to watch thousands of tons of water pouring by the second, as well be served with romantic wine here.

3.    Florida, the Beach state:

Florida is well known for the beaches that surround the state, making it a great destination for honeymooners. It is in Florida where you will find the great Walt Disney World, the magical production arena for all movie animations.  The weather here is exceptionally great, as you can bask in white sandy beaches as you sip your wine, as well as participate in fun games here. Most people enjoy swimming in the vast coastline, with some taking part in motor sporting in water, as well as wind and water surfing too.  The hotels and restaurants here are great too, as you can even have spa treatments from within your room upon request.

4.    Honolulu in Oahu:

This is an excellent honeymoon destination for anyone seeking a quiet, luxurious and romantic time with his other half. This island gives you a mixture of luxury, fun and naturally exotic beaches for you to explore.  Hotels here offer brilliant services, and you can have whatever service you need given to you. You also get quality time to know and understand each other better, and also give your whole to the other.

5.    Little Nell, Colorado:

Planning a honeymoon for the winter? Well, Little Nell in Aspen is the place to go. This is because you can have all sorts of fun here, which includes skiing and having champagne in the only champagne bar in the world, and go hunting in the winter season too. You can also have fun in earth-toned rooms which gives you a sense of belonging and great value for your money too.
All these honeymoon destinations are open for all, all year round.  You however need and have to budget for the same, as well as make advance bookings to avoid last minute frustrations.

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By Aria


The Next Wedding Trend

Wedding trends come and go. Some go back and forth, reappearing every so often—albeit with a new dress on. Accompanying certain up-and-coming trends is the prevalence of devil-may-care attitudes regarding traditional vs. trendy.

Shotgun is the new formal, at least in how swiftly planned, semi-theatrical, irreverent ceremonies are gaining in popularity. Gone also are the days of huge and expensive weddings, though celebs are still good for them. Today’s brides and grooms make their matrimonial mark and set their own personal records via how individually they stage their weddings, not how lavishly they do.

Whether intimate, complicated, retro, metro, Seventiesploitation, mock Elizabethan, or futuristic, the newest wedding trends are about how to reiterate what’s already been said, not reinventing the wheel. Here are some of the more popular wedding style ‘reiterations’ of the moment.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

DIY Wedding

If you have any clothing design/sewing ability, dare to make your bridesmaids’ dresses from scratch. DIY weddings are the best idea since prefab houses, equally modern and hip. Unlike prefabs, though, DIY weddings are classy-cheap—the best combination of design principles.

Of course, you don’t have to make dresses from scratch. But the money-saving temptation to make everything else on your own is profound and economical. Invitations, place settings, venue décor, a potluck style reception—the list is endless. Photoshop your way into unique wedding ‘thank you’ cards. Lavish your guests with DIY wedding favors: handmade chocolate truffles or mini bottles of homemade limoncello packaged elegantly and wrapped with a commemorative bow.

With the right amount of research and careful, timely planning, DIY weddings are always unique. They are also thousands of dollars less than contracting the whole affair.


Vintage Wedding

You can’t decide between Vintage Cosmopolitan Chic and Old School Cinderella? Mash them up and incorporate both. This, perhaps, is the newest and hottest wedding trend.

Some years back, weddings from here to Nova Scotia found themselves caught in the grip of vintage, repurposed, everything borrowed, snatched from thrift store racks and secondhand shops. Recently, brides have begun ushering in the high glam, princess-chanteuse elegance of yore. Think Gatsby and Daisy, but not nearly as costly and with a happy ending.

This resurgence might have something to do with William and Kate. ‘Royal Ceremony’ style is slowly creeping back on the scene, though today’s extreme couponing brides are inventing ways to do it without incurring lifelong debt. Enter the vintage element.

Vintage in this sense is not meant to convey overpriced DVF wrap dresses from the 70s, but more of a down-to-earth, grounded feeling. Vintage is the conceptual rein that steadies the stallion of extravagance. Striking the balance while excelling at both is currently the only way to travel down the aisle.

Next stop: a fierce, one-of-a-kind wedding at a fraction of the usual cost. Some specific examples follow.

Ritzy Ranch – Dusty cowboy boots, stirrups, tiaras
‘Green’ Glitz – Parks/beaches as venues and donations to sustainable causes as wedding gifts
Baby Blue – Intentionally minimalist weddings devoid of white (especially the wedding dress)
Crafty Contessa- Arts and crafts decorations mixed with professionally made

Vintage glam allows for the old, the new, the borrowed and the periwinkle-blue. This trend acknowledges luxury, but keeps its wits firmly rooted in practicality. It will be the predominant trend for this year and perhaps for many to come.

Guest Author: Laura Greening is a mom and a part time wedding planner. She loves to write about wedding planning and preparation. She is currently working as a consultant for MyKidStudio, a flower girl dress store, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Get The Wedding Of Your Dreams

Getting married is an exciting time in your life. Of course, you want everything to go perfect, but many times the unexpected happens and you’re forced to improvise. This article will give you tips for dealing with common wedding day issues without losing your cool, or ruining your big day.


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For men who are about to get married, it is just as important that you wear a nice tuxedo as it is that the bride wear a beautiful dress. Men just assume that all the attention is on their bride, but the groom has all eyes on him as well.

You don’t have to have a white or ivory wedding dress if you don’t want to, so spice up your wedding day with some color! You can choose a pastel color that highlights your hair or eyes, or have bursts of a bright color like red highlighting the details on your dress.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys drinking, feel free on your wedding day. It is a good time to celebrate and relax; however it is one time that you just do not want to be drunk. There is nothing worse than throwing up on your wedding dress.

A good piece of advice to keep in mind for weddings is to make sure that the bride is dressed well for the wedding preparation, even before getting in their dress. This is important because these photos will be important memories and you want to make sure that you look your best.

It is easy to overlook the basics in the midst of your large scale wedding planning. Besides the important things like selecting a venue, choosing a caterer, and picking out a dress, you will also need to make sure you have makeup, tissues, and maybe even some Advil. Creating a checklist of all the simple and small things you may need is a good way to be prepared.

Never forget that your wedding is YOUR day, so YOU need to choose the items you want for it. Decorations, cake, food, dress, shoes, it’s all up to you. Don’t let your friends or family get bossy and try to turn it into their dream wedding or you’ll regret that mistake for the rest of your life.

For brides-to-be, do not settle for the first wedding dress you find. You want to make sure that you explore your options and end up with the dress of your dreams. If your dress is just going to end up sitting in the closet, you may even want to consider renting a dress for the day.


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If you want an outdoor wedding, think about the weather. Make sure your guests have enough shade or protection from the wind or rain depending on the season. Do not impose a dress code that is inappropriate for the season. Follow weather forecasts and let your guests know what the weather is going to be like.

As stated at the beginning of the article, getting married is an exciting time in your life, but unexpected things may happen. Chances are, 10 years after your wedding you won’t even remember those “major crisis” moments. If wedding day disasters strike, apply the tips from this article to help remain calm, cool, and collected.