3 Places to Hang a Hammock This Summer


Summer is around the corner and that means an extra dose of sunshine and hopefully a little more fresh air for you. One of the best ways to take advantage of the impending summer weather is to invest in a hammock where you can fully enjoy the rays while not having to compromise on comfort – a hammock is a must have when packing for any summer vacation.

A relaxation alternative, a hammock provides a certain amount of variation that typically can’t be provided by a couch or generic spring mattress – hammocks are designed to cradle and conform to your body shape suspended in mid air, giving you an ultimate sense of relaxation. Incorporate a hammock into your summer experience in these 3 places to hang a hammock:


If there is a canopy nearby, pull out the hammock and sway in the breeze with a clear view of the pool.


Natural Shade

The most common location for a good reason, hanging your hammock between trees ensures that you have a little protection if the sun is shining too bright, while also  having a great view of the branches and leaves above.

In Your Home

Who says hammocks have to be restricted for outdoor use? Add a hammock to your bedroom to introduce a relaxed vibe in your space or in the living room as an alternative resting place that you can use year round.

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Top Bikini Style For This Summer Season

Because all of the hottest swimsuit trends for the 2013 season have not taken over the runway, you can be on the lookout for the best options out of the latest trends that will be just right for your body type. No matter what type of design you like to wear, you should find that there is something perfect for you that you will feel amazing in whether you are hitting the pool, lake or beach.

One peek at the latest styles in swimwear and you will quickly notice just how much of an impact different textures have on both bikinis and one piece styles. You are going to see lots of bikinis that have fringe, some suits that are made from crochet designs and plenty of water wear that has stunning ruching details. Just a few of the great scrunched styles you can choose from in ruching includes ruffled, crinkled and shirred. Many women are opting for a ruched style to help emphasize curves and flatter their shape.

Green One Shoulder Bikini

If you are a fan of prints, then this season in swimwear is going to make you one happy customer. Lots of bikini fans are gearing up for a summer season filled with all sorts of amazing prints to help them bring out their sense of style. Whenever you hit the pool, you are going to see a variety of tribal prints, stripes and of course the timeless floral pattern. It really goes to show that swimsuit fashion is in full bloom this year!

Floral Pattern Bikini Two Piece

Certainly, you cannot have a great swim season without the introduction of some interesting contemporary colors. Neon is a staple of just about every swim season and this year is to exception. It will be common to see bold and vibrant colors ranging from neon pink to a striking bright blue. In addition to that, you are also going to see other contemporary favorites including pastels and the new rage of color blocking.

Pastel Color Bikini Swimsuit

When it comes to the silhouettes that you are going to see this summer season, bikinis are now meshing with a one piece style for a fresh take on a style from decades passed. The monokini is going to be very hot, boasting a one piece style that mocks a bikini with flirty cut outs and daring coverage. It is also going to be quite popular to see tops that have an asymmetrical one shoulder design. However, no summer swim season is complete without some retro style. This year’s trends round off with pin up style silhouettes from yesteryear that are made to wow and flatter.

Black Monokini Swimsuit Bikini

No matter what design you pick when you hit the water parks, beaches or pool parties this year, you are bound to rock the current styles once you have the in on all of the latest fashions. You might even find that there are so many incredible options that you will want to have more than one bikini so that you can change it up depending on your mood.

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Swimwear Selection Tips For Summer 2013

Here in Los Angeles California, summer is approaching before we know it and many of us who live near the beach will be heading off to it for a weekend getaway. This would be the most appropriate time to show off the hot bodies that we have been hiding in the winter time. We have working out for the past couple of months so hard, so we are ready.

Many of us may not have the angel like bodies of supermodels but if we just know how to understand our body parts according to our body type, we’ll still look like Victoria Secret Models in our swimwear. In my own opinion, I don’t care what other people think about my look in my swimsuit as long as I am comfortable in it, I am on.

Swimsuit Swinwear 2013

Follow these tips so you will be ready for summer fun on the beach:

  1. If you have slim bodies, develop the illusion of curves or an hourglass figure by wearing bottoms that are higher in the thigh location. Simple cuts or these with string sides would be best. Bikini tops with decorative designs can give you fuller breasts illusion. Try to stay away from wearing a single solid color one piece and anything with vertical stripe style.
  2. If you have a curvier body, you can develop the illusion of smaller sized hips with a skirted bottom especially for you with larger shaped bottoms. You can produce a trick also by wearing a dark bottom and a light colored top
  3. If you have a bigger bosom, opt for a best in a halter style that shows off just a little cleavage and gives enough assistance. You can uncover tops that provide further support, even those with cups and under wire to hold your breasts in place. I would strongly suggest avoiding tops that provide minimal assistance like those in strapless design.
  4. If you are conscious about your belly area, you can find tankinis that has a bikini bottom but a tanktop style top. You can also find swimsuit with panels for tummy area. You can also cover the area with fashionable sarongs or surfer shorts.

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