All About our Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System

Upgrade from your laptop speakers and get great sound from a small package, which is what defines this speaker set for casual listening. Our Creative Inspire Multimedia speakers are just the thing you need in your room when you want to relax and be completely absorbed by music filling your room. Equipped with Bass Flex technology, this speaker set will take music listening to a level that your headphones could never reach.

What is Bass Flex technology?

With Bass Flex technology you get the most out of your music by having the lowest sound frequencies extended so you won’t miss out on any pitch.

With a streamlined compact appearance in jet black, this speaker set seamlessly blends into any setting, adding a constant flow of music in your bedroom or office without sticking out in a bad way. This set also breaks down and puts together easily so you may take it with you anywhere on the go. If you still want the great sound effects but for your ears only, the built in headphone jack can be used to plug in your own headphones for extra privacy.

Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System with Bass Flex Technology

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The Pet Parade Backpack Pet Carrier – $19.99


Show off your pet and include them in on your daily adventures with the Pet Parade Backpack. With adjustable straps and an easy closure, your furry friend will be safe and secure as you travel with it. Giving you the option of strapping it onto your front or back, this backpack is versatile as well as convenient. Also being a great option for dogs who tire easily, simply strap them in with their head poking out so they no  longer have to walk, get a bird’s-eye view and can be about as close to you as they can get.

Pet Parade Backpack Pet Carrier – $19.99

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Meritline Awards Five Apple iPads To Sweepstakes Winners

Drawing from more than 100,000 eligible entrants, five lucky Meritline customers and visitors had their names chosen at random to win an Apple iPad from Meritline. The iPads, valued at $499 each, were sent away after a random drawing from drew the customer’s order numbers resulting in their winning the highly-touted iPads.

The five winners (who came from New Milford, New Jersey; Las Vegas, Nevada; Lake Elsinore, CA; Buffalo, New York; and San Jose, California) were each shipped an Apple iPad following a phone call verifying the winners’ addresses and phone numbers.

Designed as a thank you for visiting during the holiday season and also eligible to visitors who did not make a purchase, the contest was one of many that Meritline, one of the nation’s online leading retailers has designed recently. For more information on how you can be involved in our next contest, please check back often!