Hanging Lights and Ceiling Lights – What is the Difference?

Lighting may seem like it’s not a big deal when it comes to you and your home – but it can be one of the first things you, your family and guests notice when walking into a room but not realizing it. Lighting can change the entire feel of the room to the point where it can even impact your own emotions, which is why we thought we at Meritline would create a blog post dedicated to the different kinds of lighting options you have at your disposal and which may be right for you depending on your own preferences.

Hanging Lights

Opting for hanging lights in your home is a great option if you generally prefer your lighting to be immediately seen and take center stage. Hanging lights easily grab attention due to their unexpected placement of hanging off the ceiling rather than being firmly attached to the surface or closer to the ground like a lamp. If you prefer the unexpected and going a little bit against the grain, hanging lights may be just the thing for you. Check out our most popular Merax hanging lights:

Cage Light


Pendant Art Deco Cage Light

For your inner artist that you never let shine, include these lights in your home for a flair of individuality that blend nicely with either  traditional furniture or modern.

Original Price: $99.99

Meritline Price: $89.99


Sleek Shade Light


Elegant Shade Ceiling Light

With a sleek black finish, this light will add the perfect lone glow in a living room, dining room or office that is both simplistic and modern.

Original Price: $119.99

Meritline Price: $109.99


Ceiling Lights

Closer in proximity to the surface of the ceiling, these lights are great for those that want high functionality out of their lighting while also having them blend into the background and not take away from other furniture pieces in the space. Have them nearly disappear by taking care to match the finish of the light with your surrounding walls, or choose to have them serve as merely an accent piece with a color opposite of your ceiling (i.e. lights with a black finish paired with a white ceiling). Change the direction of these lights to provide customized shine where you need it the most.

Light Track Ceiling Light


Light Track Ceiling Light

Tilt and adjust these  individual lights to have light wherever you need it, whether it be towards the living room sofa, your office desk or a quiet reading nook.

Original 4-Light Price: $69.90

Meritline 4-Light Price: $59.90

SPECIAL 3-Light Discount: $49.90



Giving Your Small Place the Four Dimensions of Space

It is no surprise that people like to live in a well furnished place, because it not only satiates their aesthetic sense, but also offers them the comfort and peace they desire to have in their lives. However, home decoration is not a child’s play, especially if you are up to decorating a small space, be it a single room or a whole house. Having too much in there will make it overcrowded, while having less makes it boring and dull. Therefore, one has to strike the perfect balance while facing such a decoration challenge. So, here are certain tips that will help in “Giving Your Small Place the Four Dimensions of Space”.


Decorating a Small Place

1          Lighten Up

One of the best ways to make a place appear bigger is by allowing more light to reach through it. And one good way to do so is by using colours to your advantage; light colours are known to be more reflective, which makes a room brighter and airy as compared to dark colours, which absorb light to result in a space looking darker and smaller. You can use this phenomenon to your advantage, striving for light colour scheme in your furniture, walls and overall decor, with only few exceptions serving as accent pieces. Keeping same colour for your ceilings and crown mouldings, a shade or two lighter than that of walls also does the trick. This gives the illusion of an open and brighter top, making the room appear taller and wider.

Another way of lightening up is to get rid of any excessive items, from everything like 5 identical vases that you got cheaply to half a dozen t-shirts you won for free. It is better to keep one or two for variety and donate the rest to get rid of clutter. Less clutter simply means a more spacious and inviting place.

2          Vertical is Practical

Lesser the floor space occupied in a place, brighter and spacious it will turn out to be and one of the best ways to achieve this is by using vertical space. This draws the eye up, which results in the space looking expansive and brighter than it actually is. You can do this by using shelves and hooks to give things an elevated platform to be a part of your room interior. In choosing furniture, it would be wiser to think taller and thinner rather than short and squat. This will also help you create an illusion of space by bestowing more space to the room. Vertical space often remains unused and wasted, which can be conveniently used for display, storage and art, finding a great use to it.

3          Doubling Up

Making the most of what you have got is the best trick to deal with small places. You better get rid of that extra table occupying so much of space in your kitchen, if you do not have meals in there. Similarly, an unused cupboard might be converted into a reading nook or home office space. You can also use multipurpose furniture; for example, a room divider also serving as an open bookcase, an end table fitted with storage drawers or storage beds and sofa beds. There is so much you can get innovative with, in order to make better use of space available to you.

4          Placement

Placement of the furniture also plays a significant role in creating the illusion of space. Any room measures largest diagonally, giving you the longest straight line that way. So, furniture placement at an angle helps the eye scale through the longest distance, making the room appear larger diagonally. There is another very important aspect of choosing furniture items; smallest is not always the best. An L shaped couch might fit a place better as compared to a few small chairs. This will also give your room an open and spacious feeling. Using glass and mirror is another great trick for smaller spaces, as it helps more in reflection of light, thus giving the illusion of more space.


Nancy Herald has a lot to share with people in terms of home decor, owing to her long experience in the field. She is living a retired life nowadays with her two grandsons and a puppy, while utilizing the spare time in blogging online.


Home Interior Wall Decorations Tips

There are many ways that someone can redesign the interior of their home. There are many different aspects of the inside of a home that can be changed. For example, there is the walls, flooring, lighting and the decorations themselves. While decorations play a part in designing the interior decorating of a room or home, they only play a part as the actual aspects of a room itself like the lighting, floors and walls are what helps to tie a room together. When every decoration aspect of a room goes together well, they will all compliment the visual appeal of each other so that the room blends well together.


Lighting is an important aspect of any home when one is decorating. However, there are some basic rules that one should follow when they are attempting to incorporate lighting into the indoor decoration style of the home. Sometimes accent lighting might be appropriate for some rooms while other rooms might do nicely with certain styles of lamps like floor lamps or Chinese-style dome lights.


Clear Frosted Acrylic Ball Green LED Pendant Light Lamp- $8.99
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Next, the floors are one of the most important aspects of how a room looks and special attention should be paid to the floor choice. Some rooms might have wood floors and that could be appropriate for the indoor decoration theme of the room whereas other rooms might look nice with a rug. It all depends on the theme and decoration style the individual is looking for. While some rooms may already be carpeted, one can incorporate a nice rug into the room if they desire to go with the certain style they’re going after.


Walls of a home can be repainted with an uplifting, mood changing color or perhaps a new, fun 360 degree color switch to help change the room’s atmosphere. Other things that one can do is to have murals or other designs painted onto the walls for a unique look. Wall decals are also a great way to decorate any wall in a home and help to add flare to that certain individual’s office or bedroom. There are many different types of wall decals that can be used depending on the person’s unique theme. There are animal decals, environmental decals, car decals, sports decals and many other types of decals to match the person’s specific mood.


The last part of decorating an indoor environment is to choose the right decorations that will set the room off and bring the theme together. There are multiple kinds of decorations that can be used in a room. Anything from table center pieces to candle setups, table water fountains or any other kind of indoor decoration can be used depending on the exact type of style the person is going after.


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Integrating all of these many different aspects into an indoor room will help an individual to theme and design the room just the way they would like. Depending on the specific person, their choice of lighting, wall decorations and flooring may represent a specific mood feel, theme or decorating style. Any decoration theme that one creates is a representation of their own uniqueness and styles and there is no wrong answer when it comes to the way someone would like to have their home decorated.