Soundflow Soundboard Wireless Portable Speaker – $7.00

Get your music on the go with our slim portable Soundflow Soundboard that has everything you need without the bulkiness that often comes with portable speakers. With its unique thin design, the Soundflow Soundboard is a great choice for those that want louder music without having to sacrifice space. To use, simply place your smartphone on top of the speaker and your music will be instantly magnified – the soundflow soundboard can also be used as a speaker phone. This speaker has been specially formatted for simplified use and functions without the need for wires, pairing, connecting or general set up and is ready to go when you are.

Soundflow Soundboard Wireless Portable Speaker – $7.00


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Price: $7.00
Special Features: 

  • Works with any smartphone with an external speaker

  • No pairing, no wires, no connecting, no setup required
  • Enhanced sound from dual-ported design
  • Makes a great speakerphone
  • Volume controls



ON CLEARANCE: Multi-functional Pencil Holder: LCD alarm clock, timer mode & More! – $4.99

Get 5-in-1 for only $5 with our Multifunctional Pencil Holder on Clearance at 

Complete with built-in

  • LCD alarm clock
  • Calendar
  • Envelope cutter
  • Indoor temperature
  • Timer mode


Have everything you need for your office desk all in one and avoid a build up of clutter that can put a damper on your work.

Multi-functional Pencil Holder – $4.99

On Sale: $4.99 ($1.00 OFF)
Original Price: $5.99
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Mountek Reach Magnetic Car Mount for Smartphones and Mini Tablets – $19.99


Constructed with magnetic re-enforced pads, the Mountek Reach Car Mount is perfect for both smart phone and tablet devices. Safety should be a priority, which is why with our Mountek Reach you can keep both hands on the wheel whiling maintaining easy navigation on your phone to carry out certain activities such as using the GPS without needing to look down at your phone or have to pick it up.

With multiple uses, the Reach Car Mount can also be used for tablets to play videos in the back seat of your car if you do not have a built in video player, or if those in the back seat do not want to watch the same thing. Install two Mounteks on the rears of both front seats so your passengers can have easy access to wide screen video viewing whether it be on Netflix or Youtube.


On Sale: $19.99 ($5.00 OFF)
Original Price: $24.99
Coupon CMRY13KA
Expires: 05/13/16 11.59PM PST