Five Tips For Choosing The Perfect Party Dress

If you are a woman, when you get invited to a fantastic party, chances are that the first thing that crosses your mind is – what am I going to wear? This is only natural!

Tailored Cocktail Dresses A-line Sweetheart Knee-length
Tailored Cocktail Dresses A-line Sweetheart Knee-length

By following a few simple rules, finding the absolute perfect party dress does not need to be a mystery. Here are five tips that should help you when shopping for your party dress. If you follow them, then you will show up to your party in address that is stunning to everyone that sees it and makes you feel like the belle of the ball!

Tailored Cocktail Dress Sheath Silhouette Asymmetrical
Tailored Cocktail Dress Sheath Silhouette Asymmetrical

First, Make sure that you purchase a party dress that is going to be of the appropriate level of formality for the party that you are attending. There is a wide range of appropriate styles between an afternoon garden party and an evening cocktail affair. Make sure the you know exactly what level of formality is appropriate for the gathering and purchase your party dress accordingly.

Second, Make sure that you find address which perfectly flatters your figure. Also, do not bow to outside pressure in purchasing address that is skimpier than you so comfortable wearing. If you do so, you will merely feel uncomfortable and conspicuous all night long, which will ruin your enjoyment of the party. The purpose of a fabulous party dress is to make you enjoy the party more than you would have otherwise – not to degrade your enjoyment of it.

Third, Make sure that you choose a color which is both flattering and appropriate for the gathering. First of all, make sure that the party doesn’t have any color guidelines within the theme – for instance, a black and white ball where everyone is expected to wear only black or white or some combination thereof, or a Valentine’s Day ball where everyone is expected to wear red.

Fourth, Choose a party dress in a fabric that is going to have an expensive appearance but also be comfortable to move in and where. Make sure you do invest in quality materials where your party dress is concerned. Although you may love the way a dress looks on you, if it is made of cheap fabric, that is going to be extremely noticeable to everyone else at the party. By the same token, there are many very beautiful fabrics which are incredibly uncomfortable to wear. Steer clear of those, as you’re going to be wearing the dress for a lengthy period of time.

Lastly, don’t be too concerned with buying a dress that is trendy. If you buy a gorgeous dress in a classic style, then you will never have to worry about being out of style.

Tailored Cocktail Dress A Line Silhouette Strapless
Tailored Cocktail Dress A Line Silhouette Strapless

By following these simple yet effective guidelines for finding the perfect party dress, you absolutely can’t go wrong. When you walk into the party, you are guaranteed to be a head turner in the fabulous party dress that you find by following these guidelines.

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Choosing The Right Evening Gown in 2013

There are so many evening gowns available out there that it can be quite difficult to find one when you need it. Once you find a dress you like, you have to figure out if it is something that is trendy for the current year. While it may not seem important, you don’t want to walk into an event with a dress on that would have been fashionable in 2010. Keep reading if you want to know what the evening gown trends are for 2013.

Glamour is the name of the game this year, and many designers are making dresses that smell like gorgeous. These dresses are very elegant in style and they personify everything that being a lady is about. One idea is to take something quite simple and add a little sparkle to it. This can turn any little black dress into this year’s dazzling evening gown.

Black Evening DressCocktail Dress A-line Silhouette Strapless

As far as color is concerned, most people are leaning toward blacks and reds. Soft champagne and metallic gold are two other colors that are making a scene this season. You have to make sure that you buy a pair of this season’s velvet or metallic strappy sandals to make your look complete. Make sure you stay classy by choosing a pair that is complementary. It would be a shame to show up to an event with the right dress and a pair of shoes that ruins everything.

Length means everything, so keep this in mind when you are shopping for an evening gown. While women in 2012 loved the evening gowns that swept the floor as they walked, things are looking a lot shorter this year. Many ladies are opting for a shorter dress that falls just below or above the knee area. Fuller skirts are another thing that has been seen a lot this year.

Blue Cocktail DresCocktail Dress A Line Silhouette

The way the neckline looks means more to the gown than nearly everything else. V-necks are trending hard, so if you are looking for a gown, definitely head in that direction. If you have great shoulders, opt for a halter that displays them fabulously. Hot shoulders and a V-neck combined can turn a demure librarian into a beautiful princess, so make sure that you keep that in mind.

Accessorizing is important when you wear an evening gown, so don’t neglect to choose the right things. Clutch bags and chunky rings are two things that will make you look like 2013. Make sure that you only wear one ring since wearing tons of them is a trend from a much earlier time. Cameos and vintage pieces are definitely at the top of the jewelry wish list.

If you are looking for a formal evening gown, the information here should be a big help to you. The last thing you want is to show up looking like something from last season. When you look your best, you feel just as good, so do everything you can to make your look just perfect.


Evening Gown Fashion Trends 2013

Evening gowns have been around for centuries, and it’s no wonder why–women have special places to go and strive to arrive looking beautiful and classy. However, the evening gowns of yesterday were very different since fashion trends change. We have a wonderful selection of current evening gowns that meet this year’s trends.

Satin Evening Dress

Sheath Bateau Floor Length-Elegant Silk & Satin Evening Dress – $219.99
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One trend this year is pink evening gowns as opposed to the typical dark color scheme. In particular, pastel blush pink is popular. To stay looking evening appropriate, be sure the gown is a long silhouette shape and has visual interest in the form of sparkles, texture, and other extra touches. Pink evening gowns create a fun contrast of being innocent and girly yet mature.

Are you a fan of old movies, actors, and actresses? Many of this year’s stylish evening gowns have an old Hollywood, elegant look to them. Watch for plunging necklines, beautiful touching detail, and varying dress lengths from sweeping the floor to revealing legs. Along with this theme come gorgeous tones, metallic colors, and the common yet classy black and red. Watch for soft tones of champagne and gold as well.

Speaking of evening gowns, no evening look is complete without shoes. This year is the year for you with spectacular shoe trends. Royal silver and gold will be popular, as well as lovely fabrics and textures such as soft velvet. Another lovely trend is strapped sandals, often embellished with eye catching jewels. And don’t forget the lovely pumps. Those are definitely in style. Cold night out? Luckily, there are plenty of fashionable boot trends. Boot embellishment in the form of jewels, tassels, buckles, fur, laces, and more will all be trendy.

Top off the evening look and appear smart and sophisticated with a dazzling watch. Watches this year will be more stylish and modern than ever, with many looking much like jewelry. Bangle bracelet style watches, necklace watches, and ribbon watches will all be popular. Digital watches with contemporary designs will also be at an all time high popularity.

Blue Satin Evening Dress

A-line Bateau Floor Length-Elegant Silk & Satin Evening Dress – $319.99
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Going out on the town this year will be more fun than ever, with you looking beautiful and trendy. Meritline has the unbeatable selection of clothing and accessories to help you get ready for the fun evening events in your life.