Portable Fire Pit Uses & How-To

Whether you’re at the beach, out camping or even in your backyard, fire pits are versatile but often they aren’t something you can just pick up and go. With our Merax Portable Fire Pit, you can take the pit with you wherever you plan on going and have a toasty fire at your destination. Check out a few ways you can use a portable fire pit below:

Outdoor Party Focal Point

When you’re having a small outdoor get together when it’s a little chilly outside or during the evening, a portable fire pit is a great way to get people to congregate towards the same area and stay warm. If throwing larger outdoor parties is more of your style, you can get creative and have multiple fire pits for guests to warm themselves up and socialize.

Portable Marshmallow Roaster 

Our fire pit is a great way to spice up any event you are having with family or friends by allowing you to roast marshmallows and make s’mores or other foods. Bond around the fire while indulging in great meals with a portable fire pit.

Staying Warm

Whether you’re at a soccer game for your child and it’s freezing out or you don’t want to let cold weather keep you cooped up inside, our portable fire pit is a great option for you to stay warm wherever you happen to be outside.

How to Use


Make sure that wherever you place your fire pit, it’s in a stable environment to ensure the safety of you and others around you. A stable environment qualifies as a flat, stable surface. Examples of prime safe locations to  place a portable fire pit are: concrete, gravel, bricks and more.


Take care to ensure your fire pit is not directly below a roof or anything else that could catch on fire. Ensure that there is nothing that can catch fire in the immediate surroundings of your fire pit, such as dead leaves, pine needles etc. Be sure to keep a bucket of water nearby in the event of an emergency.

Extinguishing the Fire

The best way to extinguish the fire in your pit is to first use the included fire poker to separate the wood, making the flames smaller and easier to put out. Once the flames are reduced, slowly add water or sand to smother the fire until it is completely put out.



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The Beginner’s Guide To Camping

Camping GearWhat Is Backcountry Camping?

Backcountry or as it’s also referred to, primitive camping, means that you go in with few if any amenities. There is usually no electricity, no running water, no picnic tables and no restrooms. In short, it’s away from all forms of civilization.


Many forest preserves allow such camping. It can be found in Adirondack Mountains as well as Catskills and nearly all State Forests including areas that have been reforested. A few select areas will have regulations prohibiting it but for the most part, it’s encouraged.

The main requirement is to be 150 feet from a body of water or a road or trail. If the area is posted “no camping” or “camping prohibited” you’re not allowed to camp there either.

If you’re going to be camping for more than 3 nights or with more than 10 people, you’ll be required to secure a special permit from the forest rangers.

Backcountry camping is designed to minimize the impact of camping in the forests. Most primitive sites are flat and have very compact soil. They are more resistant to erosion and heavy usage.

Some will have pit toilets or pit privies as well. It is highly encouraged that campers use these in lieu of the forest floor.

Backcountry campsites frequently have a yellow and black marker that says, “Camp Here”. There are many that are located on lakes and ponds and clearly identified with a number and the marking. This encourages backcountry campers to use designated areas and not alter the terrain.

There is no way to reserve such campsites, they are on a first come, first serve basis. It is polite to share the area with other campers if they appear after dark or in inclement weather. It is also polite the following morning for such squatters to pack up and move on to another spot.

Where You Should Buy Camping Gear?

If you want to get into camping but don’t have a lot of money there are many great places that you can buy camping gear. Here is a list of favorite places to find great camping gear.

Online Store

Best place to buy camping gear is Meritline.com

Intex 66967E Prestige Downy Air bed Twin Size 39in x 75in x 8.75in
Intex 66967E Prestige Downy Air bed Twin Size 39in x 75in x 8.75in

Surplus Stores

What better place to find great camping equipment than a surplus store? Military often discontinue products and items that are ideal for camping. These discontinued items end up in surplus stores for a fraction of the cost. Stock up when you see them however, they won’t last long and when things are gone, they’re gone.

Thrift Stores

As families grow they often find that they have extra camping gear. To rid themselves of it they often take it to a thrift store. Start checking as soon as the weather warms and be ready to buy it right then. There aren’t often duplicates so it’s first come first serve for grabbing it up.

Discount Merchants

Many discount merchants offer camping equipment year round. However, they often steeply discount it during warmer weather. Check it out today to see what they have in stock that you might be able to use.

Sporting Goods Stores

In addition to baseballs and basketballs, sporting goods stores carry camping gear. Check out your local sporting goods store today and see what they have to offer. It’s amazing to find quality merchandise at steep discounts but that is just what such stores do.

Dads Garage

Now that dad’s retired he may be willing to let you have some of his equipment. Ask him what sort of camping gear he has and offer to help him clean out the garage and you may well find yourself the recipient of some of the camping gear from your childhood.

Now that you know where to find great camping gear, you can begin planning for your summer. Camping is inexpensive and great fun. Get the entire family involved and you’ll have a great time.

There is quite a bit of gear that people often pack up to take with them on their camping trips. While some are necessities and others are luxuries, there are plenty of items you’re going to need for your camping excursion. Where are you going to get them from?

Many people are used to going to local sporting goods stores, and that can work great when you want to physically see what you’re buying and put things in order for packing for that camping trip. Of course, these major sporting goods stores might not have everything in stock. Or, you might be going to a few different places to get everything.

What’s great is these sporting goods stores also have websites. Additionally, you can also find websites for stores that aren’t in your area, making you privy to a much larger supply of goods.

When browsing online, you can find things much more quickly. If you end up ordering many items that you need from the same store, you can have everything shipped together, too.

Oh, but those shipping costs, right? These days, online business is growing so much that companies are realizing they need to find ways to reduce or eliminate shipping costs for customers. It is one of the reasons why people might choose to refrain from shopping online, despite all the numerous benefits.

That being said, when browsing camping gear on sporting goods websites, you’re going to notice shipping discounts from various places. When you plan ahead, you can even make sure you’re making your purchases when a company is offering free shipping.

Furthermore, the cost of the items will sometimes be significantly lower than what you would pay at a store anyway. That’s what is great about shopping online for camping gear because you can browse until you find the best discounted merchandise.

Camping Fire
Camping Fire

What Are The Best Camping Tips?

You can use some of these camping tips to help you get ahead. They are among the best so that you’re not stuck in the middle of nowhere without good resources. To get more on the matter, all you have to do is take a moment to read below.

Wenzel Tundra -10 Degree Hooded Sleeping Bag, Green
Wenzel Tundra -10 Degree Hooded Sleeping Bag, Green

Camping has to be done in a designated area where you can be safe. Never camp somewhere that you don’t study first, such as a reservation with a bunch of wildlife going through it. If you’re not aware of how to deal with things like animals or reptiles, you have to learn to survive in a place like that before you get in over your head. They make designated camping areas, and that is the best way to go about everything if you’re not really one with the land in that area yet!

You’ll have to create a list that has everything you need to bring with you on it. There are many times when you may forget something, and you can’t really order it online in the woods from a tent! Instead, you need to have a checklist and it should cover any event that may happen while you’re out and about in the area. For instance, you may want to bring a change of shoes in case they get wet. Walking around with wet shoes and socks on can ruin your feet and make it difficult to get out of the area!

Anyone that wants the best camping tips should be sure to take their time to go through the advice mentioned here. That will allow for you to get an understanding of what it takes to get ahead. Plus, you can have more of a good understanding of what it takes to survive while out there in the wild.

tent-548022_640What To Bring On a Camping Trip?

If you have ever gone on a camping trip before you are no doubt familiar with the mind racking moments just before you depart when you can’t shake the feeling that you’re forgetting something. this is common to all of us lovers of the outdoors.

Even more common is the fact that you actually are; and it’s only when you arrive at the campsite and roll out the tent that you discover the stakes are missing, or the weather took on a unexpected chill or worse yet, my repeated experience, the water is great and I forgot my swimming trunks.

The only tried and proven way to avoid this major predicament is planning to plan and continue the plan next time you need this plan. It may sound like unnecessarily repetition but It’s really not. Keeping your personal list of camping gear that you will use and revise continuously is the only way to prevent being stuck out in the wilderness looking for a substitute for a spatula or, god forbid, toilet paper…

Following is My personal list of Basic Necessities; things I know I will need on every trip:

Camping Essentials

Mountain Trails Current Hiker 6-Foot by 5-Foot 2-Person Dome Tent
Mountain Trails Current Hiker 6-Foot by 5-Foot 2-Person Dome Tent

These are things I have consistently used on my trips into the great outdoors or at some point I’ve wished I had. These are better to have and not need than need and not have.

-Toilet paper
-Cash, credit cards, checks
-Multi-tool and Camping Knife
-Required licenses and permits (for fishing, hunting, etc.)
-Flashlight, spare bulb and batteries
-Waterproof matches and butane lighter
-Maps and compass or GPS
-Extra clothing
-Rain gear
-Insect repellent

Personal Items to Bring on a Camping Trip: Clothing and Toiletries

This next list should be adapted to the individual, personal needs, the time of year and other pertinent factors. Also the quantities should be considered for the duration of the trip etc. Feel free to add your personal items to this list, this is what works for me:

-Hat, cap or appropriate head gear
-Jacket, coat
-Pants, shorts
-Swim wear

-Toothbrush, paste
-Washcloth, towels
-Soap, shampoo
-Comb, brush
-Mirror (Important Survival Kit component as well)

-Prescription medicines
-Watch, alarm clock
-Extra prescription glasses/contacts
-Sunscreen, lip balm

Camping Gear

If you are spending the night in the luxuries of a trailer or RV than some of these items will just be taking up space. Tent camping has more particular needs and these items will certainly come in handy on your next camping trip.

Tent, stakes, tent fly, poles and all other pieces to the structure (Note: It is always a good idea to set the tent up in your home before leaving to be sure you have each and every piece.)
-Hatchet or Hammer (for driving the stakes into the ground; this should be considered part of the tent set)

-Ground Cloth (to pitch the tent on top of; also part of the tent set)
-Sleeping bags
-Cots, Sleeping Bags, Air Mattress
-Tarp (for so many many things)
-Lantern and Energy Source
-Camping shower
-Beverage/water jugs
-Ax, hatchet and/or shovel
-Extension cords (for camps with electric hookups)
-Trash Bags (to leave the place spotless)

Food and Cooking Items

After you have gathered those camping essentials, you need to also create a list of your food items. This is a highly subjective topic and the list you create must align with your personal dietary habits. Just be sure to plan it well in advance, make doubly sure you have all you will need (Spices, condiments, dressings, utensils etc.) and then some and don’t forget the peanut butter.

After You have created the list of food you will bring, be sure you consider all the tools of food preparation you will need. Because this is also subject to what you plan on eating this list should also be done personally. There is no need to bring the gravy boats, unless…

Emergency Gear to Bring on a Camping Trip

Spring Assisted Folding Stainless Steel Knives, BLACK
Spring Assisted Folding Stainless Steel Knives, BLACK

Finally is a list of the most essential emergency equipment to pack. You always hope that your camping trip is nothing but wholesome fun and adventure but accidents happen and it is no joke to be caught unprepared. Following is a list of Emergency Items to bring with you:

-Adhesive tape
-Gauze pads
-Diarrhea medication
-Ace bandage
-Single-edge razor blade
-Cold medication
-Sting kill swabs
-Sunburn relief
-Eye drops
-Antibiotic cream
-Cortisone (anti-itch) cream
-Antihistamine such as Benadryl

Here is a 5 Cool Camping Tips & Tricks Video from IntenseAngler on Youtube.

This list I leave with you; please, edit it and add to it before you head out so that you can focus on the really important part of camping relaxing and getting away from anxiety. The only way to do that PLAN, PLAN, PLAAANNN….. Have fun on your trip!