Hanging Lights and Ceiling Lights – What is the Difference?

Lighting may seem like it’s not a big deal when it comes to you and your home – but it can be one of the first things you, your family and guests notice when walking into a room but not realizing it. Lighting can change the entire feel of the room to the point where it can even impact your own emotions, which is why we thought we at Meritline would create a blog post dedicated to the different kinds of lighting options you have at your disposal and which may be right for you depending on your own preferences.

Hanging Lights

Opting for hanging lights in your home is a great option if you generally prefer your lighting to be immediately seen and take center stage. Hanging lights easily grab attention due to their unexpected placement of hanging off the ceiling rather than being firmly attached to the surface or closer to the ground like a lamp. If you prefer the unexpected and going a little bit against the grain, hanging lights may be just the thing for you. Check out our most popular Merax hanging lights:

Cage Light


Pendant Art Deco Cage Light

For your inner artist that you never let shine, include these lights in your home for a flair of individuality that blend nicely with either  traditional furniture or modern.

Original Price: $99.99

Meritline Price: $89.99


Sleek Shade Light


Elegant Shade Ceiling Light

With a sleek black finish, this light will add the perfect lone glow in a living room, dining room or office that is both simplistic and modern.

Original Price: $119.99

Meritline Price: $109.99


Ceiling Lights

Closer in proximity to the surface of the ceiling, these lights are great for those that want high functionality out of their lighting while also having them blend into the background and not take away from other furniture pieces in the space. Have them nearly disappear by taking care to match the finish of the light with your surrounding walls, or choose to have them serve as merely an accent piece with a color opposite of your ceiling (i.e. lights with a black finish paired with a white ceiling). Change the direction of these lights to provide customized shine where you need it the most.

Light Track Ceiling Light


Light Track Ceiling Light

Tilt and adjust these  individual lights to have light wherever you need it, whether it be towards the living room sofa, your office desk or a quiet reading nook.

Original 4-Light Price: $69.90

Meritline 4-Light Price: $59.90

SPECIAL 3-Light Discount: $49.90



3 Places to Hang a Hammock This Summer


Summer is around the corner and that means an extra dose of sunshine and hopefully a little more fresh air for you. One of the best ways to take advantage of the impending summer weather is to invest in a hammock where you can fully enjoy the rays while not having to compromise on comfort – a hammock is a must have when packing for any summer vacation.

A relaxation alternative, a hammock provides a certain amount of variation that typically can’t be provided by a couch or generic spring mattress – hammocks are designed to cradle and conform to your body shape suspended in mid air, giving you an ultimate sense of relaxation. Incorporate a hammock into your summer experience in these 3 places to hang a hammock:


If there is a canopy nearby, pull out the hammock and sway in the breeze with a clear view of the pool.


Natural Shade

The most common location for a good reason, hanging your hammock between trees ensures that you have a little protection if the sun is shining too bright, while also  having a great view of the branches and leaves above.

In Your Home

Who says hammocks have to be restricted for outdoor use? Add a hammock to your bedroom to introduce a relaxed vibe in your space or in the living room as an alternative resting place that you can use year round.

Make sure you have your hammock for the Summer with our Merax Caribbean Hammock Hanging Chair w/ Wooden Bar:

Merax Caribbean Hammock Hanging Chair With Beautiful Wooden Bar – $39.90



Our Pivot Style hanging hammock with wooden crafted Spread Bar lets you rotate 360 degrees letting you gently drift as you kick back and relax. With specialized Pivot Style, only one anchor point is needed. Comes in Warm Tan or Multi-Color.

Free Standard Shipping
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How To Effectively Market Your AC Repair Service Online

air conditioner los angelesIt doesn’t matter what your niche industry is because marketing yourself online is always important. As an AC repair service in the 21st century, you need to employ new and trendy tactics to get locals to pay attention. The problem with most companies is that they never really find a good balance between using Facebook and creating a solid user-friendly website that takes advantage of content marketing.

Your marketing campaign should always start with performing the right research. How are other local AC repair los angeles services marketing themselves? More than likely, you will discover that their tactics are full of holes and there are things you would do differently– so why don’t you? You can beat your competition just by avoiding all of the pitfalls they overlook.

Once you know what other services are doing, start working on your company website. Web hosting and a domain name are an integral part of your success, and they truly don’t cost a lot on a yearly basis, so there isn’t really a reason to cut corners and have a free webpage. When choosing your domain name, make sure you specifically select something that relates to your business and its name– doing this will help with your SEO efforts.

The layout of your website really needs to utilize several different tactics to your advantage in order to gain more visitors and keep up their interests. Here are a few factors to consider:

* The content on the homepage of your website is extremely important for SEO, which means you need to add paragraphs that utilize long tail keywords, sum up your business, and still do so keeping the interest of your readers. You can make every word count by explaining why your AC service is better than taking a DIY approach, and breaking up the paragraphs into sections that are easy to comprehend.

* Use some form of a call-to-action on your first page and give away something for less money or for free. How can you do that? Create a large banner with text and an image that automatically draws interest.

* Make it easy for visitors to sign up for your newsletters or more commonly, your mailing list. The less opt-in features you use, the better! People are going to want to learn more about air conditioning repair and maintenance, and if you add a bonus perk such as a possibility of savings, people will hand over their email addresses.

* Link all of your social media profiles like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to your front page. You will want people to share the services and information you provide on your website, and the easier it is to share, the better your chances of recognition.

Blogs And Videos Are A Lifesaver

Social media, apart from building a good website is the heart of an online marketing campaign. If you don’t already have a blog for your repair service, it is high time that you did. There are many blogging platforms you can use, WordPress being one of the best ones for beginners.

Your blog should reflect your years of experience in the field, and provide meaningful content. Top five lists are always a winner, but you should add interest by stating facts others haven’t already rehashed a million times. As someone that offers a localized physical service, create your posts to cater to your intended crowd.

A good post is one that contains multimedia to add even more interest and to drive the point of your article home. People tend to be extremely visual, so adding graphics or videos can set your blog apart from thousands of others in your industry. It never hurts to teach homeowners hvac maintenance los angeles or self-diagnosis tips– this won’t cause you to lose potential customers!

The great thing about videos is that they work on two different platforms. Firstly, you can embed them in your blog posts to add interest. As a second option however, you can upload them onto YouTube directly to hit even more viewers.

As you can see, your marketing efforts can pay off in an niche, but you need to be serious about the energy you put forth!