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Ferro Aldo Mens Casual Slip-on Loafer Shoes SIZE 12


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Why You Might Need a Portable Generator & How They Work

Most of us have been in a situation where we are out of power and were kept waiting for it to turn back on. Whether it be finishing up an important project on your computer to having access to your home phone, having power in your space for the sake of convenience whether it be that you find yourself in an emergency situation, or you simply need power in an area where there aren’t electric outlets within close proximity. Read on to see a list of reasons why you may need a portable generator in your  life:

You like camping with a little comfort

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You like roughing it outside of a hotel or cabin, but at the same time you want access to
those creature comforts that you can’t seem to part with. Even if you are the type who can last without power and live off the great outdoors, maybe with a generator you can get the whole family to join you, who normally wouldn’t want to live completely off the grid.

You love to Tailgate

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Portable generators are great to have during tailgating and other outdoor events. Make new friends in the stadium parking lots and be the source of power and fun that ensures the party can keep going well into the night.

You like to stay prepared

Anything can happen, which is why more and more Americans are investing in generators. Portable generators are able to keep critical parts of your home running despite power outages – for example keeping your refrigerator cool and helping you save hundreds of dollars worth of food. Additionally, having a portable generator ensures you will always have a way of keeping up communication with the outside world when you experience disaster helping you and your family continue going about your daily life safe and sound until general power is turned back on.


How do they work?

Portable generators rely on electricity and magnetism to function. In the simplest terms, the a regular flow of electrons are created through the generator moving a magnet near wire. The electrons are able to travel through the wire into whichever appliance is plugged into the generator, such as a light bulb.

To power various items in your home, simply fill the generator with gas. A plug installed in the generator with a long cord leads to several outlets that can be used for various items in your home. However, keep in mind that a generator is somewhat of an engine and should never be kept indoors due to the risk of carbon monoxide and always be left safely outside.

Because they are portable, these particular generators can be moved from place to place relatively easily depending on where they are needed. Standby generators that are installed into homes however are priced well into the thousands. Our Merax portable generator is offered at only $319 with 4050 Watts of power to ensure your aren’t left without power in any situation.

Check out this video on how to operate one:


See our generator here:

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Benefits of Indoor Cycling – An Introduction to the Merax Cycling Bike

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We all know how doctors recommend a daily dosage of 30 minutes of exercise a day in order to maintain optimal health. A common gripe among society is that life can at times get to be a little hectic to the point where a quick stop at the gym could throw off your entire momentum – that, and you just want to go home.

Indoor cycling is a viable solution to this problem that many people across the world have picked up in order to help them in maintaining their health. But what exactly are the benefits of indoor cycling, and can they really be a sufficient replacement for doing cardio at the gym? We compiled just a few of the benefits:

Heightened Cardiovascular System

Yeah, some may see this benefit as common knowledge, but there are some individuals who are unaware that indoor cycling can benefit your health just as much as a more generic cardio activity such as running, except cycling especially caters to the joints – it is pretty much as low impact as you can get

Lowered Stress Levels

Hard day at the office? Make a bee-line straight home and hop on an indoor cycling bike. According to American College of Sports Medicine, indoor cycling promotes “happy-mood inducing neurotransmitters known as endorphins…known to create feelings of euphoria, lower your stress level and enhance the body’s immune response” (acsm.org).

Fat Loss & Building of Muscle

image: healthyliving.azcentral.com

Whether you are trying to shed some pounds or build leg muscles, an indoor cycling bike can help you out with your fitness needs. When used at a high intensity, indoor cycling can burn up to between 7-12 calories a minute. Typically these high intensity scenarios involve cycling classes, but an easy hack to achieve the same results at home is with a personal bike
and watching free workout cycling videos on youtube – skip the hundreds of dollars you will spend on a gym membership or individual cycling classes. One of the best parts about having your own bike is you can do it on your own time and you have absolutely no excuse to not continue working at your fitness goals- after all it’s not like you have to travel to a gym, since the bike is in your home. Because of its close proximity, you stay inspired and motivated, being less likely to give up on your fitness aspirations.


The Merax Indoor Cycling Bike 30lb Flywheel

One of our newer editions of indoor cycling bikes, The Merax Indoor Cycling Bike 30lb Flywheel, provides smooth and consistent motion accompanied by the 30lb flywheel, making your cardio a smooth process.

Adjust the seat to best fit your body type with seats that can move forward, backwards and upwards to also give your body the intense workout you deserve from home.

Constructed for easy transport, move your cycling bike throughout your house or anywhere outdoors if you so choose if the surrounding scenery gets a bit dull, even team up with your friends to have a group cycle session.

Check out our bike: