How Inversion Tables Transform Your Health


You may have heard of them, and you may have not – but inversion tables are astronomically effective in reversing the toll of age and maintaining the health of your spine. Inversion tables, a critical part of Inversion Therapy ultimately aids in the decompression of the spine, which over the years can become severely compressed and eventually lead to having a limited range of motion as seen by what often happens when one ages and not being able to move their back as well as they used to- this is because without compression relief, the spacing in-between the spine solidifies.

Spine Disk Health

As the average person carries out their day, their spine is constantly supporting their body and as a result, they are compressed to the point where vital fluid is squeezed out of these disks – this is the reason behind the common knowledge that throughout the day you get shorter from your spine becoming compacted from gravity, up to three fourths of an inch. Having regular amounts of sleep does provide relief to spinal disks, but not completely which is why most humans get shorter as they age. The regular usage of an inversion table can decompress your spinal disks helping them regain the moisture they have lost, therefore allowing the gaps between the disks to plump back to their original size and preventing significant height loss in the long term.

Alignment of the Spine

Misaligned spinal columns and the issues that come along with them are common within society, primarily due to people being uninformed on how to maintain a healthy alignment within their spine. Daily tasks such as hunching over at your office desk or crouched at the kitchen table reading a book puts stress on your spine in addition to taking a toll on your

Having a hunched posture at the computer can add several extra pounds of stress to the spine (

posture. Why is having a misaligned spine such a big deal? With one vertebrae out of place, your spine is not functioning to its full capacity and is unable to completely support your body resulting in a more rapid degeneration of your spinal column and severe back humps that often come with old age. Similar to how when a can is pressed down upon it can support the weight effectively, but if you create a dent in the body of the can, when pressed down on the entire structure crumbles. Even when laying down on a bed the spine still experiences minimal amounts of pressure which prevent it from naturally realigning on its own.

How Do Inversion Tables Work?

You can use an Inversion Table at any angle you choose. (image:

Specially designed to help in relieving an array of back issues ranging from generic back pain to more serious spinal deformities, inversion tables are a common method used by those who want to keep the health of their spine in check due to how simple it is to use at home. Providing a flat surface that can be manipulated, inversion tables allow the user to lay flat on their back and to adjust the angle of the inversion table to make their body to upside down either completely or at an angle. Being in this position for an extended period of time creates extreme relief for the space in between your spinal disks, allowing them to expand after being constantly being compressed to some degree, even when you lay in bed. One of the best parts of inversion tables? They can be easily folded and unfolded for storage purposes.

Steps to Using an Inversion Table:

  1. Read the directions to avoid any injury due to misuse of the table
  2. Adjust the table to fit your height. Our Merax Inversion Table accommodates all heights from 4’10-6’3.
  3. Decide how much of an angle you want to be upside down. Beginners are advised to not invert themselves the full 180 degrees and to ease themselves to 180 degrees

    by starting off at 90 degrees the first few times they use the table.

  4. Move so your back is facing the inversion table and position yourself so you can easily get your feet secured.
  5. Take even breaths and remain calm as you slowly invert yourself upside down. Stretch your back to increase the positive effects of the inversion table
  6. Use the handlebars to return upright. It is recommended to remain inverted for 10-20 minutes to receive full benefits, however for beginners it is suggested to slowly work up to that time frame.

Inversion tables although nearly a necessity to maintain overall back health often cost a pretty penny, averaging at roughly $200-$300. Check out our inversion table, the Merax Foldable Premium Gravity Inversion Table for $129.99.

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