Choosing the Best Office Chair for You

If you have a regular 9-5 job like a large amount of Americans today, chances are that you spend a lot of time in your office chair. Like it or not, for dozens of hours out of the week you’re sitting at the office desk chair, so why not invest your time into seeking out the perfect one for you? A comfortable office chair is sought out by everyone – from students to business moguls, the importance of having an optimal seating experience has been realized across the board. Although some may cost a pretty penny, it’s safe to say that office chairs can be seen as an investment to enhance the seemingly endless amount of hours you spend at your desk, so more often than not, every dollar spent is completely worth it. Check out our list of tips on how to choose the office chair that is right for you, whether you are working from home or in a Fortune 500.




Humans come in all shapes and sizes and so naturally, chairs do as well. Evaluate your own size and how large or small of a chair you may need. If you are on the larger side, a small chair may not give you the support you desire to comfortably get through the day, while on the other hand if you are smaller, choosing a chair that isn’t too big is equally as important; a larger chair hitting all of the wrong points on the body if a small person can cause just as much discomfort as a bigger person squeezing into a chair that is too tight. It’s all about finding that perfect balance between the chair and your own size, and it plays a huge role in determining if your office chair will be comfortable for you or not.





Harder surfaces make for a more uncomfortable seating experience, so although you may be going for a sleek look in your office, keep in mind that your backside may suffer. If anything, make sure that the office chair you select has a good amount of soft sit-worthy material or plush padding throughout, especially if you are on a lower budget. Office chairs that are priced $30 and under tend to compromise the comfort level of the material in favor of having a lower cost. Ask yourself if saving a bit of cash is worth spending your day in mild discomfort due to lack of soft material in your chair – probably not. Ensure that the material is also breathable so it does not excessively hold onto any smells which could accumulate overtime into an unpleasant odor.



laptop on a desk in a modern office


Make it a point to invest in an office chair that will have a long life-span, the last thing you want is to purchase a chair only to have to repurchase another only a few months later. A good office chair should last you up to 10 years if taken care of properly – although they are slightly more expensive, in the long run you will end up saving money, making an office chair a worthwhile investment. Chairs that tend to have higher durability levels are those made of leather or a mesh fabric, others are more likely to wear down and tear with time and regular usage, which could render the chair unusable after a short period of time.


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