The Logitech M317 Wireless Mouse – $13.99

Old mouse went on the fritz or you think it’s just time for a change? Forget about having to use the tips of your fingers on a laptop track pad adding wear and tear to your computer and avoid the inevitable tangling of cords with a classic mouse by opting for our affordable Logitech M317 Wireless Mouse for only $13.99. A sleek design, color selection and more, the M317 Logitech might be the right choice for you.


Light and Compact

With its mini USB transmitter, you can plug-in and go without having anything large sticking out and getting in your way. Using wireless technology, the mouse is able to instantly transmit signals to your computer to move the cursor n the screen – think of the USB as a mouse cord that is condensed into a tiny hard piece of plastic that plugs into your computer and doesn’t need to be attached to your mouse. Although small, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing it using the specialized holding area beneath the mouse where the USB can be lock in and out for safe transportation.

The mouse itself has a weightless feel that easily glides over every surface and is pleasant to operate with its grooves designed to perfectly fit the curves of any hand that rests on it.

Convenience Factor

Do you like being able to work with a little bit of wiggle room? No problem. The Logitech M317 is able to function even when it is large distances away from its USB leaving you able to comfortable outstretch your arms without worry.

With its easy-function on and off switch at the bottom of the device, you can control it quickly and efficiently; turn it off and avoid waking up your computer from sleep mode if desired. Battery operated, one AA battery should last regular use for roughly 12 months.

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Upgrade Your Office in a Big Way with Small Changes

Whether you have your computer in your office, bedroom or designated computer room, changing up your space is something most people try to put off to avoid inconveniencing themselves, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Check out our tips on how to upgrade your office with small changes that will take no time.


You want to have everything organized and filed away so your space won’t look so cramped and overwhelmed. If you already have a file cabinet, consider upgrading to change the color scheme of your space to inspire creativity and shake things up a little, although it’s just a file cabinet, it can influence the overall appearance of your space. If file cabinets aren’t really your style or you want to try something different, consider getting a small storage cabinet that has open shelving rather than exclusively drawers. Storage cabinets are great if you have trinkets you want to show off and add to your room’s overall personality.

Click here to check out our Meritline File Cabinet in Dark Brown (also comes in Beige)

Merax Solid Mobile 3 Drawer File Storage Cabinet (Espresso)


Click here to check out our Meritline Standing File Storage Cabinet in Sonoma Oak

Merax Standing File Storage Cabinet, Office Organizer, Sonoma Oak

Detailed Organization

Take the time to make a place for all of your smaller items and organize your desk so it is easier to locate them and put important documents in places of priority to assure you won’t forget about them. Taking small steps to further the detailed organization in your office could help lower stress levels since you are easily able to find everything you need, along with possibly increasing the speed in which you finish work you need to get done.

Try our Multi-functional Pencil Holder complete with alarm clock, indoor temperature and timer

Pencil Holder with LCD Alarm Clock, Calendar, Indoor Temperature and Timer Mode


Find a place for everything with our Merax Desk Organizer in Brown

Merax Desk Organizer, Dark Brown


Add Wall-Art

A great way to change up your space is to add your favorite movie poster, a framed family photo or anything in between on the walls in your office space. Being constantly surrounded by blank walls can get dull and subconsciously influence your work ethic. Bring some life back by adding some type of image to your walls or even a cheesy inspirational quote (Just Do It by Nike anyone?) a poster can run you as low as $5 and the only labor required is taping it up to the wall or using push pins. Framed art could be slightly trickier due to the weight but will also look more professional if that is what you are going for. We found this cool site that has a huge selection of graphic art!


3 Ways to Keep your Headphones From Falling Out

image source: Kris Robertson/Demand Media

If you have ever listened to music wearing earphones, whether it be on a casual walk or during an intense workout, more than likely you have had the frustrating experience of your headphones falling out of your ears when they weren’t supposed to. Ranging from a minor annoyance when your music session is cut short to a serious hazard with the cords tangling into your legs during a run, having your headphones slip out is completely avoidable with our 3 tips on how to keep your headphones intact, so read on!

1. Earphones that wrap around your ear

An easy and highly successful way to prevent your headphones from falling out, especially during a strenuous workout, is to buy earphones that are specially structured to wrap around your ear for a secure and snug fit. What’s great about these specialized headphones is that they can adjust to any ear size and shape with inner core of the plastic cord being a flexible wire which can contort into any shape you desire. With the bendable cords hugging your ear tightly, rest assured that your headphones won’t be going anywhere whether you are doing your morning run or simply jamming out. Try out our Panasonic Pioneer Water Resistant Sports Headphones:

Panasonic Water Resistant headphones ($16.60)

2. A snug hat or hairband

image source: Kris Robertson/Demand Media

A tightly fitted hat is a great trick to keep your headphones in place and prevent slippage. We suggest opting for a beanie or a  hat made with a more breathable fabric so you will not want to remove it after a long period of time if it gets too hot, on top of the fact with a hat like a beanie, it will be easy to adjust the headphones through the material without having to completely remove it in order to adjust.

If you want to avoid a hat that may ruin your entire look, or the unnecessary heat brought on by a hat,  you have the option of wearing a snug thick hairband. Found at almost any local drug store and coming in a variety of colors, you can just slip one on and slide it down so that it is covering your eardrum keeping your earphones in place – this is a great option for exercising or other strenuous activity.


3. Medical Tape

It may sound a bit odd, but a small strip of medical tape could do just the trick for keeping your earphones in place. Coming in beige-y colors , they manage to blend a lot easier with your skin compared to other methods and it is significantly more inconspicuous, especially if you have hair long enough to cover your ears. Although the tape is constructed with a built-in adhesive side, we suggest against using this method if you will be doing exercise or moving around for a long period of time – it’s more likely that the adhesive will wear out from perspiration resulting in the earphone falling out of your ear. Don’t know where to find beige medical type? Try clicking here.

Now that you know how to make sure your headphones aren’t causing you a headache, why not click here and check out ours on