Tips To Find Lightweight Luggage For Light Traveling

Happy family with suitcases in the airport

Travel has, for some centuries, always been a hassle. While mass transportation technology has made it exponentially faster than the days of year long journeys that now take less than twenty four hours, traveling a long distance is still difficult on everybody.

Whether it’s making arrangements, funding the expedition or surviving the trip itself without losing one’s mind, travel remains a challenge even in the twenty first century. Still, improvements are still developing, whether it’s in the field of freeze dried food, online communications invaluable to any traveler, faster and safer mass transit vehicles or even just an innovation new financial product that makes handling money while far from home easier, every year sees travel getting just slightly easier on the wandering man and woman. One particular innovation, a problem since the very beginning of travel, is in the field of luggage.

Merax Travelhouse 2 Piece ABS Luggage Set Vintage Suitcase
Merax Travelhouse 2 Piece ABS Luggage Set Vintage Suitcase

Though modern markets have made packing weeks or months of rations and other supplies a thing of the past, most travelers still need clothing and other essentials, as well as assorted forms of entertainment and other creature comforts, to keep themselves level headed during long trips. Good luggage is essential to any trip, and no one wants to be weighed too heavily down. With that in mind, many travelers have chosen to invest in light weight luggage, made of state of the art materials that are far lighter than traditional luggage and still as durable, even when being tossed around like a ping pong ball, be it by the bus’ movement, bored baggage handlers or even clumsy owners. Here then are some tips to find the best cheap lightweight luggage set.

Of course, the first step is to know exactly what luggage you need. This will vary depending on the length of the trip; a weekend sojourn to another state, even if packing far more than you need, will seldom need more than one suitcase per person, while a long term trip far from home will probably require far more bags to carry what you need to stay sane while away from home.

Naturally, some lightweight luggage sets are larger and have more bags than others, and to get the best deal, it helps to avoid getting suitcases and bags you don’t really need. Another thing to consider is the material of the suitcases. If you’re not very knowledgeable in the material sciences, it can help to read multiple customer reviews to get an idea of how durable the luggage you’re considering actually is; one negative review of easily smashed luggage may be a fluke, if not an online prank, while multiple complaints by customers of luggage falling apart too easily for the cost may be red flag.

Merax Travelhouse 3 Piece PC+ABS Spinner Luggage Set with TSA Lock
Merax Travelhouse 3 Piece PC+ABS Spinner Luggage Set with TSA Lock

While it always feels good to get a good deal on cheap products, one should still bear in mind that products like luggage are meant to last a while and replacing them too often can be more expensive than buying a more durable set once. Still, there are ways to get good quality luggage cheap.

Used luggage, available anywhere from neighborhood garage sales on to online auction sites, can be a fantastic buy if the luggage is still in fairly good condition, though buyers should beware and do what they can to examine the merchandise before spending any money on it.

Another option are online and a few brick and mortar retailers who, through one means or another (ranging from buying out unsold stock from failing businesses to selling lines of luggage that have been discontinued), are selling luggage at a lower than usual price. As with buying any luggage, buyers are advised to make sure that the luggage is going to last; while overstocked or discontinued luggage is not automatically bad quality luggage, it is not a sure fire thing that it will last. Outlet stores that let you buy direct from the luggage maker will also be selling quality lightweight luggage at a cheaper price than you could get in most middle man stores.

Comparing prices rather than going for the first cheap set of luggage can, as with buying anything, save anyone quite a bit of money, as can waiting a bit for season or other sales that will lower the price of the product you want.


Here is a video from WatchMojo’s Youtube Channel on how to choose luggage for your next trip.


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