5 Different Ways To Set A Hammock Outdoors

Relaxing In Hammock

Some may think hanging a hammock is impossible without trees to support it. Now-a-days, hammocks sometimes come with a post or frame to support the suspended structure. This type of hammock can be set up on concrete. And it requires very little set-up, if any at all. If you’re interested in the traditional type, one that’s hanging between two trees, you are going to have to put in a little effort to make it functional.

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Merax Hammock Hardwood Spreader bars with Pillow Multicoloured Stripe, Outdoor Use (Red) – $45.99


The first step to installing your hammock is choosing the right method to hang it up. The one you choose can depend on a lot of factors. Some pick a method because it is easy. While others prefer one that’s cheap. It depends on your situation, what’s available to you and the type of trees you have in your backyard. Here are ten, common ones.

Method 1: Tree Straps

Many choose tree straps as their method of hanging hammocks since it puts the least amount of pressure on the tree’s trunk. Therefore, it causes the least amount of harm its health. It’s important to remember that you’re dealing with a living thing, not just some, inanimate tool. A tree strap consists of strong fabric wrapped around the tree, and then suspended towards the adjacent tree. It has a hook on the end of the fabric that supports the hammock.

Method 2: Rope

Rope is an excellent option for those short on cash. It’s extremely cheap and can be found at any home improvement store. Rope is also strong enough to support almost any human’s weight. Some like how decorative rope can be. It makes a hammock look rustic and natural. The only downside to choosing this option is that it can be challenging to set up if you’re not a boy-scout. It’s important to tie a knot that holds together. If you know you can’t, get someone who can to do it for you.

Method 3: Chains And Hooks

Some like the security that metal can bring. There’s no way someone’s weight is going to break it. Even if your kids are misusing the hammock. However, you do need to have a basic level of handiness to complete this job. Bolts and a drill are required to secure the chain to the tree. Don’t worry about your tree’s health. A few bolts into its trunk will not harm it.

Method 4: A Tree And A Post

Some of us are lacking a decent amount of trees in our backyard. Even if we do have a few, it may be that they’re too far apart, or too close together, to support a hammock. If that’s the case, you can easily hook a hammock up with the use of only one tree. The other half of the hammock can be supported by a post nailed firmly into the ground. Choose any of the methods above to secure the hammock to the post and tree.

Method 5: Posts Secured In Concrete

This method is great for those of us with decks in the front or backyard. A hammock can easily be secured to two posts, that are holding up the roof of a shaded deck, to create an even more relaxing place to drink Coco in the evening.

These posts are great, as they’re secured with concrete. Posts are very difficult to set up in a secure manner with a shovel and hammer alone. That’s why swing-sets tip over when big kids use them. However, if you do not have a post submerged in concrete on your property, you can install two posts by just banging them into the ground. Put something heavy on the hammock before a person lays on it to make sure it’s secure. It’s a good idea to do this when using any of the methods.

There Are Other Ways, And You Can Invent The Next One

Get creative and explore your options. While there are already many ways to hang a hammock, you could be the next person to discover a new one. Who knows? Maybe you’ll figure out how to hang a hammock above a lake or swimming pool. Wouldn’t that be relaxing? Just make sure no one’s around that’s mean enough to tip you over. You might get a little wet.

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Merax Brown Stripe Cotton Hammock with Heavy Duty Steel Stand Frame – $88.99


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Merax Outdoor Durable Swing Bed Caribean Hammock Chair High Quality Cotton (blue) – $71.99



Here is a video on how to hang your Hammock from Bic’s Youtube Channel,



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