Tips On How To Choose External Battery Charger/Power Bank?

Tips On How To Choose External Battery Charger/Power Bank?


Smartphone and other mobile devices have become reliable for conducting online business and transaction from any place at any time. These devices also keep people in touch with their loved ones and friends on the social network and other similar channels. However, these gadgets are limited in terms of usage because they rely on charged batteries that are not reliable. Depending on the power capacity of your battery, you device can either serve you for an extended period or only for a short period.


Choosing The Right Power Bank For Your Device.

With the help of a power bank, people are no longer limited in using their devices. That is because an external battery charger allows you to charge your battery and keep it running for a longer period. However, you must be aware of the fact that not all power banks are reliable, and only a few brands offer quality portable chargers. These tips can help you get the best power bank that will meet your backup power needs.

1. Capacity

If you want to acquire a quality power bank, the first thing that you need to emphasize on is the capacity of the external charger that you want. Make sure that the capacity of the power bank is at least of the same size with that of your device. The same capacity or higher will ensure that your battery is fully charged. The capacity of your battery and that of the power bank is charged in milliampere-hour and the initials used for this measurement is mAH.

2. Size

The second factor that you need to consider when choosing an external battery charger is the size. Some of these products are heavier and bigger than others. What determines the size of a power bank is the amount of capacity that it contains. The larger the external battery charger, the more capacity it has. These particular batteries are not only big but they are also pricey. Moreover, such power banks may not be as portable as small power banks. That is why you should consider buying a power bank that contains the amount of capacity you need.

3. Port Quantity

Besides the size of the power bank, you also need to consider the number of cables and ports that the gadget has. Some external battery chargers have a single port and a single cable that allows you to charge only one device. However, other brands offer power banks that have more than one port and more than one cable. Such external battery charges are appropriate for those who wish to charge more than one device at the same time. Moreover, you also need to acknowledge the fact that power banks that contain more than port and comes with multiple capable may cost more than those with single cables and one port.

4. Power Cut Feature

A power bank may be reliable for backing up power that you can use during an emergency. However, that does not mean that your external battery charger will last forever. After a long period of use, most of these products tend to experience various problems that can damage the battery of your device. That is why you should choose an external battery charger that has a power cut feature to protect your devices when charging.

5. Chasing

An external battery charge should have a proper casing and frame. When choosing a portable charger, check the casing and make sure that it made of a light material that is durable such as aluminum. However, you also need to acknowledge the fact that a proper casing can contribute to the pricing of this product.

6. Price

When choosing an external battery charger for your device, you might also want to consider the price as well. Best quality power banks may be costly compared to low-quality external battery charges. Therefore, it is advisable that you stick to quality power bank that will serve you for longer. Furthermore, you can compare the price of the brand you want to buy between different dealers to get the best deal.


By following these tips, you can be able to choose a portable charger that will meet your charging needs. Furthermore, you will be able to identify a quality product that is worth its value.


Here are some power bank/ external battery charger from

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Merax Infinity 13000mAh External Battery Charger / Power Bank


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