Some Creative And Affordable Ideas For DIY Outdoor Patio Furniture

Summer BBQ Party or Picnic

If you are decorating your backyard patio on a budget, you certainly do not want the lack of capital invested in the project to show when people step out the door onto your backyard patio. Rather, you want the patio furniture to strike them as creative and beautiful, more than anything. That is why, when working on a budget, it is best to get creative with your ideas!

The following are a few do-it-yourself patio furniture ideas which can be completed on a relatively small budget and look incredibly impressive when they are done.

1 – Make A Chair Or Bench Out Of Milk Crates

One of the most personal things that you can use in DIY projects are milk crates. This is because they are sturdy enough to hold the weight of a person, so therefore they make the ideal base for a chair or a bench, and they can also be painted and decorated to take on any theme or color scheme that you like. They are virtually a blank wooden canvas that you can apply paint to, or fabric, or wallpaper – or anything else that your imagination might come up with.

2 – Re-Cover Used Thrift Shop Furniture

One of the best places to find cheap patio furniture that is already made is a thrift store. After all, these stores are reselling used goods and so you should be able to find pieces at a significant discount compared to what you would pay for them if you were buying them brand-new. However, the issue with most thrift store furniture is that it is abundantly clear when you look at it that it is a used piece.

By purchasing a few yards or more of outdoor fabric (depending on what you are re-covering), you can easily reupholster the pieces using only wood glue and a staple gun. Then, with a few swings of a hammer and nail, the upholstered pieces will be reattached to the thrift store furniture and the whole piece will look as good as new!

3 – Utilize Painted Pallets As A Table Base

One of the best ways to get sturdy pieces of wood for absolutely no cost whatsoever is to collect used pallets from grocery stores and warehouses that will be throwing that out. The pallets can be painted and repurposed in the shape that they are in, or they can be broken apart and the wood pieces can be used in any way that you need.

One of the obvious benefits of this method, obviously, is that you do not pay any money out of pocket for the raw materials. But another benefit is less obvious – the fact that you are actually hoping to recycle good pieces of wood which would otherwise be thrown away. You are not only helping yourself and your budget outdoor decorating aspirations, but you are also helping the earth when you repurpose a pallet!


Merax Large 6 Point Umbrella Dream Chair Chaise Lounge Slight Shake Like A Swing (Green)



In conclusion, make sure that you don’t let the fact that you are decorating on a budget dictate how spectacular the final product will be! Just because you do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a brand-new matching set of patio furniture does not mean that you cannot have a gorgeous outdoor furniture set that will amaze your friends when they come over to attend outdoor gatherings.

In fact, the necessity of getting creative can actually be a blessing in disguise. Raather than having youur patio decorated with the same old furniture set that every single person on the block has, you will have a custom set up that no one in your circle of friends will have – in fact, no one in the world will have it, because you created it with the work of your hands and the inspiration of your brain.

Merax Hammock With Pillow


Remember, whether you are decorating your indoor space for your outdoor space, creativity is much more important than budget. Make sure that you put your heart and your soul into the pieces that you choose and create and the end result will absolutely come out wonderfully, because it will have come directly from you and your heart.


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