Best Portable Massage Table Buying Tips

A massage therapist is treating a female client on a table in an apartment

Are you a massage therapist looking to do house calls and other jobs on the go? Are you a hobbyist who enjoys giving your friends massages, and would like to be able to do it for them no matter where they are? Either way, there’s one particular tool you’re going to need. It’s not the oils, it’s not the incense, it’s not even the easy listening music designed to help your client relax.

Merax 84" Portable 3 Fold PU Massage Table
Merax 84″ Portable 3 Fold PU Massage Table

It’s a portable massage table. Having a massage table that’s portable will allow you to meet people where ever they are. You can simply carry your table to them, set it up, and within minutes you can be giving them a genuine massage. However, you can’t just grab any portable table. You need a high quality portable massage table. You need to get something that will make you look professional. If you walk into a place with a table that’s falling apart, held together with duct tape and bailing wire, people are much less likely to hire you. It’s unfortunate, but society places a great deal of importance on looks. If you want to be the kind of professional massage therapist who gets hired by high class business people, you need to look like you make the kind of money they make.


But how can you make sure you look that way? How can you make certain that you’re going to be able to find a high quality portable massage table?

Look For Quality

First and foremost, get it into your head that quality is going to cost money. It’s not that the things that cost the most will naturally be the highest quality. That’s not at all true. Plenty of things are expensive beyond their actual worth, so there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make certain that you’re not over paying for things. Nor is there anything wrong with trying to get a great deal. That’s just good sense. No body has the money to throw away on things that aren’t actually worth the money they cost.

Look For Best Best

However, it absolutely is true that when you buy cheap products, you have bought cheap products. Things don’t cost less than normal market price because the sales person thinks you should have them. They’re sold at less than normal market price because someone or something was left out during the process. It’s possible that the table is high quality, and they keep the price so low by paying the sales people in dog food, of course. But more likely, they kept costs down by using lower quality parts when they produce it.

Check The Quality

In the case of portable massage tables, you can tell if they’ve used cheap parts by checking the joints, and the feel of the cushion. If the cushion feels hard and brittle, then chances are it’s not going to be comfortable. Not only will it be uncomfortable, which is a problem when you’re trying to help a client relax, but it’s more likely to break apart. This leads to the cushion becoming progressively less useful, forcing you to do more and more quick, messy repairs. It’s not long before your portable massage table is made more of duct tape than cushioning!

Test For Yourself

Meanwhile, you can check the joints and see if they feel sturdy. Don’t try to break the table right in the store, that would be inappropriate. But it is important to set the table up, and then lay down on it. Try moving around. Do the sort of things that a client is most likely to do when they’re getting a massage. Take note of whether or not the table feel stable. If it feels like it wobbles when you’re moving around, then it may well break down during normal use. The last thing you want is your table breaking when you have a client on it!

If you want to look like a professional massage therapist, or even if you just want to give your friends professional grade massages, you can’t afford to skimp on the portable massage table. You need the best portable massage table on the market. So make sure you’re prepared, and make sure to look in to each table before you buy it.

Merax New 84" Portable Massage Table
Merax New 84″ Portable Massage Table


Here is a video from Expertvillage Youtube Channel, for “How to Set Up a Comfortable Massage Table : Massage Therapy, Oils & Aromatherapy”, hopefully it is useful for you.


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