Product Review for the Canon Pixma MX922


The Canon Pixma MX922 is a MFP, or multi-function printer, designed for a moderately busy office or home use. This model is as versatile as you would expect from a Canon MFP and is capable of some impressive functions including: automatic double-sided printing and scanning as well as scanning and faxing optical media.

At a glance the Canon Pixma MX922 looks a lot like many other Canon MFP’s we have seen before –with the typical rounded corners and beveled top. A few consumer reviews have mentioned minor complaints with the keypad’s control over the various functions –which is something to keep in mind if you think it will be an issue.

Installation Of the MX922s supporting software can be done by clicking through a few dialogue boxes and allowing the computer to do the work. The software package includes Image Garden for photo organizing and editing along with the software driver.

The MX922 can be connected to a PC through a conventional 2.0 USB connecting cable, but can also use ethernet or WIFI connections to link to the home or office network. As with most printers produced by Canon, the front panel will drop down automatically when printing to prevent any problems with projects sent from the next room.

The MX922 can hold a paper supply of 250 sheets of A4 sized paper in a cassette fixed to the underside of the printer. It can also extend to accommodate larger paper formats as well. When the front panel drops open the ink cartridges become accessible, as well as the 20-sheet photo tray, and the feed for optical media.

The print quality from the canon MX922 is exactly what we have come to expect from the Canon company. Texts are printed sharply and with decent plain paper graphics. Photos are also produced with superior clarity –dark areas nicely detailed and the gradients smoothly rendered.

The photos are not as high quality as what you would get from special high-end photo printers, nevertheless, they are decent for the price of a MFP. One of the biggest complaints concerning the MX922 has to do with the pricey ink cartridges –if you expect to be doing a lot of printing you may want to consider a printer with an economic ink supply.

Canon never actually released a monthly recommended output for the MX922, but 250 – 500 pages is what is suggested by the experts –anymore than this and you will be spending way more money than you should be on ink.

The warranty provided by Canon runs for a complete year –as opposed to other MFPs that have 90-day warranty period. Nevertheless, there are others out there that run for longer than this.

In the end the Canon Pixma MX922 is well-rounded printer that will provide any home or small office with high quality and several attractive features. It is pretty easy to own and operate, if a bit expensive to keep stocked with ink. The initial price is also considerably higher than some of the newer MFPs produced by HP.


Here is a video review for Canon Pixma MX922 from ReadyCam Zone on

The Compatible PGI-250XL + CLI-251XL Printer Ink Toner Cartridge for Canon Pixma MX922 Printer

Canon PGI-250XL + CLI-251XL Compatible High Yield Inkjet Cartridges With New Chip Combo
Canon PGI-250XL + CLI-251XL Compatible High Yield Inkjet Cartridges With New Chip Combo


The OEM PGI-250XL + CLI-251XL Printer Ink Toner Cartridge for Canon Pixma MX922 Laser Printer

Canon PGI-250XL PGBK (6432B001) OEM / Original High Yield Pigment Black Inkjet Cartridge
Canon PGI-250XL PGBK (6432B001) OEM / Original High Yield Pigment Black Inkjet Cartridge




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