Your Beginner Guide To Shavers and Razors Types

Close up of a young man shaving using a razor

Shavers and razors are among a man’s most useful tools. However, getting the right one can be quite a tricky affair, and may need more attention than most people think. Shavers usually come in different shapes and sizes, as well as features. It can therefore be overwhelming to sort out through the various types of shavers and razors available in the market today.


There are many different types of shavers and razors, each with a different approach to shaving and therefore different quality of shave and time required to shave. Here are some of these:

1. Safety Razor

The first safety razor was introduced in 1847 by William Henson, who also applied for a patent on the same. The safety razor has a protective material between the blade and the skin, thereby significantly reducing the risk of cutting yourself. Using a safety razor for shaving can be quick and very efficient, without requiring much maintenance.

In most cases, the blades need to be replaced every 2-3 weeks, depending on the frequency of the shave as well as the amount of facial hair you have. It is however quite affordable to replace the blades. Although the razor was introduced centuries ago, this remains a popular method of shaving because it is very effective and it gives a rather close shave. A good quality razor costs at about $50 to $150 depending on the handle’s material and the number of replacement blades.

Most people who use a safety razor usually accompany the shave with a shaving cream or foam. These are very important as they help to make the experience more pleasant and reduce the risk of razor burns. In addition, they help to prepare you facial hair for the shave. If you are considering getting a safety razor, below are some of the most recommended ones:

A Straight Edged Razor

razorAlso known as the cut throat razor, the straight razor is one of the most common shaving products. This razor may have pioneered the making of a switchblade. Although its popularity was during the 17th and 18th century, these blades can still be found in traditional barbers. The blades are usually made of hardened steel and the only safety feature of the device is the handle that keeps the blade.

In this case, unless you have some experience handling knives or have stable hands, it is better to stay away from this method. As opposed to most razors which can only give you a nick or small cuts, straight edge razors can leave you lying in a pool of blood with one wrong move. They usually have the sharpest of blades and consequently offer the closest of shaves.

The blade does not need to be replaced but needs to be regularly sharpened especially if the shave is frequent. The razors can cost anywhere between $20 to several hundreds of dollars depending on its craftsmanship. Moreover, if you invest in one good straight edge razor, you won’t need to replace it again.

Cartridge Razors

shaver-236900_640Many people can comfortably identify with this type of razor. This is one of the most used razors in the world today, with most razors being made using 3 or more blades that are stacked together. Most disposable razors are usually made using cartridge razors, as it is so affordable and effective. This type of razors offers the ability to replace the head for easy maintenance. There are also countless alterations to these razors in order to give you the best shave and comfort as possible.

Gillette and Schick are the most popular models. With the use of new technology, price tags have been on the rise. The cartridges especially of those high-end models cost quite a lot, and therefore if you shave frequently, you should first weigh your cost and then determine if it will be worth the performance and the money.

2. Electric Shavers

Electric shavers have come a long way since their innovation in the 19th century. For about $150 to $250, electric shavers come with features like self-cleaning docks, coupled with the experience of a manual razor shave. They are a more reliable alternative to razors and they need no creams to offer the kind of comfort from manual razors. They are also effective in shaving hard to reach places such as your neck area and jaw line as the heads can adapt to the contours of your face.

 Philips Norelco AT810/41 Shaver 4100
Philips Norelco AT810/41 Shaver 4100
Remington R5-6150A Premium Rotatry with Pivot and Flex Technology
Remington R5-6150A Premium Rotatry with Pivot and Flex Technology



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