How To Setup The Universal Remote


In most homes today, a typical coffee table has about five remote controls on it. It can therefore become a really frustrating experience trying to ensure that you have the right remote you need to watch your favorite program. A universal remote control can really simplify this process.

The RCA universal remotes works by providing a one-point contact for all of your electronic equipment that can be controlled remotely. When you program the remote, one simple point and click is everything you require to control multiple electronic devices. In addition, the remote will ensure that you can incorporate different models and makes of the electronics into one remote.

The communication between your universal remote and the multiple electronics is facilitated by a series of numerical codes. This is due to the fact that every piece of electronic device has a unique code attached to it. Therefore, multiple numerical codes can be input into one universal remote and thus override the factory remote offered by the device manufacturer.

Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control
Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control

It is important that when you are selecting the remote control to buy, go for the one that allows you to program and enter new codes into the device. This offers you much more flexibility in the set up process, as well as the ability to incorporate new devices easily when you buy them in the future. In addition, make sure that the remote has enough storage capacity to communicate with all the devices you own. RCA offers a wide selection of functional remotes with such specifications.

Once you have selected and bought a remote, you need to program it. Some of the universal remotes usually come with the ability to automatically search for the numerical codes for each of your devices. Simply power up each electronic component, and then press the button on the remote that corresponds with the device that you are programing. This might have to be done severally until the programing is complete.

If for any reason you have to do this manually, you should use the codes that come pre-programmed on each device. When you use your universal remote, these are some of the codes that you will use to operate the devices. The code for TV is usually TV-000, for cable box, it is Cable Box-000, for VCR it is VCR-000, and the auxiliary is VCR-037.

When setting up the RCA universal remotes, it is important that you know there are brands that may require some programing before you operate them. For such kinds of brands, you have two options when programing them. These options include using the code search or code list feature. The code search feature is quite useful especially when you can’t find the code list of a particular brand or when a code does not function when programed.

You can simplify the process of setting up your RCA remote codes by using the code search feature to set up procedures for program set up. The first step should be turning on the device that you want to program. This can be your Blu-ray player, TV, or cable box. Then look at the remote and press on the code search button and take a hold of it. You should then release the code search button and then press the on/off button repeatedly at a speed of one press per second until the device turns off.

When the electrical appliance is off, press enter. That is how you can use the code search feature to set up RCA universal remote codes. It is also possible to program the universal remote codes using the code list. In this case, you will have to refer to a code list that usually comes with the RCA remote. If you can’t find it, a simple internet search is all you need. Type in RCA remote codes on your favorite search engine and you will find a site with the full list.

All you have to do is turn on the device and then press the code search button and hold onto it. Then enter the number on the list depending on the brand of the device. You can now release the code search button. That is how you can easily set up your universal remote.



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