How to Hook Up Surround Sound for Quality Sound


Hooking up a surround sound to a TV is a four step procedure that can easily be accomplished. It entails; connecting the speaker to the TV, covering the cables, testing it out and making the necessary adjustment so that it produces quality and entertaining sound. The challenge here is making sense of the speaker cable and ensuring that they are safe.


The following procedure should be followed if you want to get the best results.

Check the available speakers because the number of speakers you want to make use of determines the surround sound you use.

• 2.1 For the subwoofer two front speakers
• 5.1 For the two surround speakers, front speakers, center speaker and subwoofer.
• 7.1 For the one center, two back, two fronts and two surround subwoofers

Ensure that the subwoofers are not placed against the walls and the corners because if you do this, it will amplify the bass and make it difficult to control it. You may then hook up the surround sound step and have the front speakers placed to the sides of the TV. Check the left and the right markings to ensure that the speakers are placed on the right side of the TV. However, they should be placed three feet away from each other.

Ensure that each of the speakers is angled towards the audience but should paint directly to the seating area.

Hooking Up Surround Speakers for Quality Sound

For the best audio sound, the speakers should be raised so that they are at the same level with the ears of the audience. You can make use of speaker stands to achieve better results. The other center channel speakers should be placed below or above the TV. The center channel can be used to bridge the gap between the right and the left speaker.
Ensure that the center channel is angled so that it points at the audience while the surround channel speakers should be placed to the side of the viewing area. This ensures that the back speakers do not transmit more sound than what is being received from the front speakers.

 Logitech Z506 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers
Logitech Z506 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

You can place the surround speakers on the sides of the viewing area but they must be pointed at the audience. Alternatively, you can have them placed at the audience and should be placed at an angle of between 90o to 110o to the TV.

Alternatively, you can have the surround speakers raised about two feet above the ear level. They should be angled down so that the point at the audience and provide the best auditory experience. You can make use of stands or furniture. Similarly, you can place the back channel speakers behind the viewing area but make sure that you place the two speakers close to each other. If you want to create a bubble of sound around the audience, check and ensure that the back channel speakers are more ambiance and can surround the support speaker.

To get the best sound, you need to place the receiver near your TV. Ensure that the surround systems are run through the receiver so that it can process the sound input and send signals to other speakers connected to it. To get the best sound, the speaker should be near your TV so that the cables can reach all the spaces available.

If you are doing this job by yourself, it is important to remember to power off the machines before installing the speakers. This is to reduce chances of being electrocuted. In fact, it is recommended that you plug off the TV from the wall.

Once you are through with connecting, you must examine the speakers and ensure that surround systems and the speakers are properly connected. If you decide to use clips, you must ensure that you utilize wire strippers in exposing the underneath wires. As you run the wires to each of the speakers, do everything you can to ensure that the wires are hidden to look better and that people and animals are protected from accidents and tripping that can be caused by the speakers. Running the wires under the carpet or through walls is recommended and will give it a clean look.



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