The Top Five Home Weather Station Brands (2015)


Having good weather station equipment is an absolute necessity for every weather enthusiast. A good home weather station is critical for taking up to date measurements of humidity, indoor and outdoor temperatures, as well as the local weather forecast. To get a review of the top five home weather station brands then read on.


1. Ambient

Ambient weather has since 1998 been at the helm of the weather forecaster and weather station market. Ambient weather seems geared towards providing good quality home weather stations at pocket friendly prices. Notable models under the brand include WS-1171, WS-1090, and WS-2080.

In combination with their Virtual Weather Station software, Ambient weather stations are some of the most popular and provide a powerful platform for sharing personal weather data online in real time. Reviews for the Ambient weather stations show that they are reliable and accurate.

Probably the most striking difference between Ambience and other manufacturers of weather stations is their commitment to customer service and quality. Ambient’s customer care representatives review all reviews for the company’s products online and responds appropriately.

2. Davis Instruments

Davis Instruments is one the best makers of weather stations in the market and this is not some self-promoting by the manufacturer. Reviews online reveal that the Davis Instruments name keeps getting a mention whenever there is a discussion regarding best home weather stations.
Davis Instruments devices are known for their dependability and accuracy and the brand is regarded as a leader in the manufacture of high-end weather stations. The company’s products can get expensive. However, if you regard yourself as a weather aficionado then you need to give Davis Instruments serious consideration. Some of their notable brands include 6250 Vantage Vue, Vantage Pro 2, and Vantage Pro2 Plus.

3. La Crosse

La Crosse Technology 308-1711BL
La Crosse Technology 308-1711BL

La Crosse makes a full range of weather station products. Regardless of application, you will always find a La Crosse weather station that matches your needs. La Crosse’s product line ranges from simple thermometers to professional grade weather stations that gather and analyze large amounts of weather data.

La Crosse works in collaboration with the Weather channel when designing weather stations. The company has many models on the market that are well regarded according to reviews. Some of their notable models include Combo 11-IT, WS-2812U-IT, and WS-7014CH-IT. The company also provides downloadable software that makes its products compatible with third party weather websites.

Even though reviews indicate that the company’s products are sound, they also reveal that the company’s customer service is not as responsive as that of other companies.

4. Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific has been in the business of inventing and designing home weather stations since way back in 1989. The company markets a full range of weather stations that meet every budget. The company has a reputation of having some of the best wireless weather stations in the market. Some notable brands include WMR 100, WMR 200, and WMR 80.

Reviews of the company’s products reveal that their products work really well when they do. The range of wireless transmission and signal strength on Oregon Scientific devices are on par with other highly regarded companies.

Even though the company has wonderful products, the main problem associated with the company according to reviews is the woefully inadequate customer service department. Even in the case of positive reviews, you will still find complaints of substantial delays in response.

5. Acu-Rite

AcuRite 3" Digital Humidity & Temperature Comfort Monitor
AcuRite 3″ Digital Humidity & Temperature Comfort Monitor

Acu-Rite uses their proprietary Acu-link technology to allow users to monitor weather conditions with their own PC mobile devices and right in their own backyards. Using these devices you can track such information as weather forecasts, humidity, temperature, rainfall, and pool water temperature.

You can set the devices up to send to you customized text message alerts or emails whenever conditions change such as impending storms, high or low temperatures, high winds, or even sudden drops in barometric pressure.

You can view the data from your Acu-Rite weather station through the My Backyard Weather PC based web application or through the Acu-Link mobile application for Android and iPhone mobile devices.

Acu-Rite devices have a reputation for being easy to install and set up. According to reviews, they are also durable, long lasting, and notably precise. Most of Acu-Rite’s devices have touchscreen displays with backlighting.

Some of Acu-Rite’s notable models include Acu-Rite 01015 and the Acu-Rite Deluxe Wireless Weather Center.

In conclusion, this has been a review of the top five home weather stations in the market. By now, you should have an idea of how each brand is like and can now make an informed choice regarding your purchase.



One thought on “The Top Five Home Weather Station Brands (2015)

  1. David October 29, 2015 / 11:06 pm

    In all the brands I like accurite the most.. They offer numerous choices.. Davis is also a nice brand but I guess their weather stations are more advanced but a little pricy.. have to say..this La crosse model looks classy. I wonder if all its weather stations looks stylish like this.. Got to check it out..


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