How To Rip Burn And Copy A CD In Just A Few Steps


Do you have a significant number of CDs at your home where you have some of your favorite songs, perhaps mixes that you have done over the years, and you would either like to create backup copies, or share them with friends and family? This is a common desire that many people have, but they lack the expertise on how to get this done. It’s a different process when you are simply burning songs to a CD, yet you are probably going to use a very similar program when it comes to ripping one and burning it to a new CD, a brand-new copy that you can give to people that you know. Here are the steps that you need to take in order to a college this in no time at all.


Identify Your Music Tracks

The first step of the process is taking your CD that has the songs on it that you would like to burn or copy, placing it into your CD player. This will work with any computer, whether you have a laptop, desktop, or an all-in-one PC. You will want to use Windows media player if you have a PC, or a similar program that may be on your computer. If you have a Macintosh, there are programs that you can use, following similar steps, that will accomplish the same goal. This can also be done if you have either transferred the songs that you want to burn onto your desktop, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to only discuss taking songs from one CD and putting them on a new one.

Loading The Software

if you place the CD into your computer, there is the possibility that it may actually load the software that will be used for this transfer process. If not, assuming you have a PC, load Windows media player. You will want to select the “burn” or “rip” CD option to get started, and then it will ask you to choose the songs that you want to transfer. You can also assemble a mix, compiling a completely different order to the playlist if you like, but the easiest ways to simply use what is there making a straight copy. If you cannot find the CD, it’s usually in what is called “E” drive, or something similar, separate from “C” drive which is your hard drive. “F” drive is going to be your backup, so simply select the one that indicates it is your CD player, identified by an icon that has a shiny CD on it. Once you click the button to copy the CD, it will transfer the files into memory, and take you to the next step.

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Insert A Blank CD

Once the process is complete, the door to your CD player will open. At that point, you will be prompted to remove the existing CD that has your songs, and place in a brand-new one. This one should never have been used before. If you have ever tried to burn anything to this CD, it will likely not work. They do not cost very much, so selecting a new one out of your pack of blank CDs, you will be able to insert that into the CD player, pushed the door closed, and it will begin the next part of the process. Just make sure that you have a blank CD that has at least 700 MB of space to accommodate all of the songs that you are going to burn onto it. More than likely, if all of the songs fit on the other CD, they will also fit on this one. This gives you about 80 minutes of song time which is usually more than enough.

Click The Burn Button

When you copied the songs onto the hard drive by ripping them off of the existing CD, they were stored in memory. Now with the blank CD in the CD player, you will want to click the “Burn” button. It will analyze the blank CD, making sure that it can transfer the songs. It will sometimes allow you to organize the playlist that you are going to burn before the actual process begins. Once you are satisfied with the order of the songs if that is an option, by clicking “Burn” it will start to put all of the songs in memory on to the new CD. There is usually a countdown of how long it will take to complete the process. Once complete, which will take just a few minutes, it will tell you that the process was either successful, or if it failed. The door to the CD player will open, and you can take out your brand-new copy of your songs, ready to give to whomever you want to, and exact copy of your music CD.



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