The Must Have PC Repair Tools


Computer repair is a task that requires both skill and proper care. Computers are made with very sensitive electronic devices. While most people overlook the importance of having the right tools while repairing a computer, it does not mean it is always safe. There are many tools needed for you to repair a computer properly and end up with no frustrations and disappointments.


Below explained are some of these tools:

Inland 55 Pcs Computer Tool Kit
Inland 55 Pcs Computer Tool Kit


1. Screwdrivers And Nut Drivers

For very many PC models, the basic NO. 2 Philips screwdriver is the only important tool. If you are working with more diverse hardware and PC accessories, then you are going to require different size screwdrivers and nut drivers. In case you’re always building and repairing systems, it might be worth putting resources into a power screwdriver.
Despite the fact that there are cheap screwdrivers available, it is best to go for the most expensive ones as these are suited to PCs. Go for one with an adjustable clutch and handle and can be easily switched to different positions.

2. Pliers, Cutters, And Strippers

Eliminating connectors that are not in use serves not only to make things tidy, but it also reduces the confusion for the armature upgraders. To evacuate those connectors, I like to a small wire cutter can be used to eliminate the connectors by snipping wires attached to the connector. A proper wire stripper is enormously helpful whenever you need to do bigger electrical or wiring adjustments.

3. Source Of Light

A nice head-mounted light or flexible clip on the light source is very helpful when upgrading or building a PC. Huge numbers of today’s more famous cases have dark or dull colored insides, which can make it hard to spot little screws and different parts unless you’re working in a room that is well lit. Do yourself a favor by getting a spring mounted or head mounted or any other source of adequate light.

4. PSU (Power Supply Unit) Tester And Multimeter

Nothing is frustrating more than completing the repair of a computer system and then pressing the power button, and then nothing goes on. Without a power supply tester or multimeter close by, you may invest hours investigating and swapping out parts until you luckily come across the defective part.

With one of these devices, it’ll take just seconds to guarantee that the motherboard is being supplied with power or whether simple devices such as the power switch is working.

5. Thermal Interface Material

It’s important to apply a new layer of thermal paste whenever you mount or reseat a heat sink. This is the best method for guaranteeing that heat will be transferred from the processor to the sink. It is possible to be enticed to use what is there, but as much as possible try replacing it. The thermal paste is very cheap compared to the device it is intended to protect.

6. Straps, Zip Ties, And Tie-Downs

Proper cable management is fundamental to a clean and well-running computer system. You can’t just will a spaghetti of wires and cables in a typical computer system into the required positions. You’ll require different types of straps, zip ties, and Adhesive tie-downs, with some imagination and patience.

It is best to keep a tub of nylon zip ties of various sizes and colors available, as an addition to a roll of thin Velcro. Most cases will have areas to secure everything; glue tie-downs prove to be useful for those that don’t.

7. PC Cleanup

Independent of whether you’re working with a brand new set of computer parts or an old set, having cleaning materials in your toolbox is essential. Most of the computer repair jobs require cotton swabs, canned air, and microfiber cloths. These you will use to clear the fingerprints, dust and any other crud that develops inside a computer. As stated earlier, you should as well have isopropyl alcohol and paper towels ready just in case you will need to wipe old thermal paste.

The tools that have been indicated above are the main ones. There are others such as the anti-static wrist wrap, spare screws, clamps and rotary tools which are as well important in computer repair jobs. The anti-static wrist wraps especially important to avoid static charges from damaging delicate electronic components.

Interchangeable-head Design Waterproof Cree XM-L T6 Headlamp Flashlight & Mini Flashlight Combo
Interchangeable-head Design Waterproof Cree XM-L T6 Headlamp Flashlight & Mini Flashlight Combo




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