Wireless Routers Vs Wired Connections And What You Need To Know

Figuring out what you can expect from wireless routers and wired connections can help you choose which one to work with. There are many people who like one over the other, you just have to learn what works for you. Then you’ll be able to have some devices on one system and others on another depending on your needs.

Wired VS Wireless Network
Wired VS Wireless Network


The best thing about a wired connection is there are rarely and problems with it going slow or dropping out like with wireless. The only way that there will be problems is if you have a lot of people doing a lot on your connection and that will make it go slower no matter what even for the wireless. The only way it will drop out is if your modem has problems or your Internet Service Provider (ISP).



With wireless you may be able to use devices wherever you want, but you’ll have to worry about interference. Even just having a window or wall somewhere can mean that you’re blocking the wifi’s full potential in your home. While you may think it’s okay to have your router by a cordless phone or a microwave, that may be a bad idea because that could interfere with your signal and make it difficult to use wifi. Learn about channel settings on your router and then you can minimize how many things interfere with your signal for the most part.

Nowadays there are many devices that don’t have any way for you to use a wired connection. You are going to have to make sure you have security set up so that not just anyone can connect to your router. With wired connections it’s impossible for people to get onto it without them having some way to access the modem and plug into it. With wireless if there’s no security in place it’s free game for anyone to get onto it that’s close enough. Remember to look at who is connected to your router from time to time to see if your settings need to be changed.

 5 Feet Cat 6 550MHZ Network Patch Cable
5 Feet Cat 6 550MHZ Network Patch Cable

Wired connections can be a pain because if you have a long way to go from the modem to your device then you have to use a long cord that can get in the way. This can mean that you’ll either have to just let it sit on the floor and then risk tripping or pulling your devices down or you’ll have to string them up along your walls. Needless to say, you need to find a good locations for your devices and modem or switch some things to wifi if possible.

Once you have a handle on what to expect from wireless and wired connections it’s easier to know how to get your whole home online. There are plenty of pros and cons for each way so remember them as you move forward. It will pay off when you don’t have to worry about everything and can just surf the web.

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