How Can I Choose Between An Internal And External Hard Drive?

Picking computer components can be confusing for many people, especially those not familiar with the terms used. One such common confusion is on the type of hard drive to buy. The two types of hard drive, internal and external, can be easy to confuse. It can be hard to know which one is right for you! Read on to learn some of the key differences between hard drive types so that you can choose more effectively.

One confusing hard drive distinction is between internal and external hard drives. Internal hard drives are the hard drives that are kept inside your computer. These store data and can have programs installed on them that can be run by the computer. An internal hard drive is like a big box your computer uses to store things. If you ever ask your computer to save information in any way, you can bet that the internal hard drive is storing it.

External Hard Drive
External Hard Drive

External hard drives are a little different. External drives work like a larger USB flash drive. Like an internal drive, they store information, but they are kept outside of the computer for easy access and transport. External hard drives are actually the same thing as internal hard drives, except they are put in cases that make them safe to transport, and are attached via USB rather than being plugged directly into the motherboard itself.

An external hard drive is used for different things than an internal one. External drives are usually not bootable, which means that they do not contain an operating system. The hard drive in your computer probably contains an installation of Windows or iOS that allows your computer to boot, but external drives work differently. Because they are not bootable, you usually would not install a program on an external hard drive.

Instead, external drives are used for storing and transporting data. If you are looking to keep a backup of your work separate from your computer in case something happens to it, an external hard drive would be the way to do it. You could also get an external hard drive to take family photos and videos to show to a relative on their computer. The benefit of an external drive is this portability.

Internal Hard Drive
Internal Hard Drive

Internal drives, on the other hand, have their own advantages. Besides usually being cheaper, an internal drive transfers information much more quickly because it is plugged directly into the motherboard. It can also store programs and software to be used on your computer. If you want your computer to have more room for programs and storage to stay inside the computer, getting an extra internal hard drive is the way to go.

As you can see, the difference between the two hard drive types are simple once you have heard it! Internal drives stay inside the computer, allowing them to store programs and transfer data more quickly. External drives are outside the computer, allowing you to take the information to other computers. Simple!

After reading this article, we hope you have a better understanding about hard drive. If you are looking to purchase internal or external hard drive, please visit Computer Accessories page.

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