A Guide To Clean The Computer Monitor Screen

Keeping your computer monitor clean is not just about being able to see clearly and make your computer look nice. It is also about computer functionality and the longevity of your device. Many people before you have made computer monitor cleaning mistakes, and you don’t want to be one of those people. Not only will you not accomplish your objectives, but you can compromise your computer in some instances.

LCD LED Cleaning Solution
LCD Cleaning Solution. Photo credit: WikiHow

I can definitely tell you how it happened to me if you need convincing. I was cleaning my computer monitor with a common household chemical glass cleaner. I lightly used it and dried the screen completely, but some of it seeped onto the keyboard. Not only is the regular glass cleaner damaging to the screen itself, but I can no longer use that computer without an external keyboard because three of the keys do not work.

The first step you have to take when cleaning your computer monitor, whether on a desktop, laptop, netbook or tablet is something many people forget. They automatically start thinking about what product to use, but what you have to know is that the device must be turned off. This is the first thing you have to do when getting started, not only to avoid being electrocuted, but to also make all the dirt visible.

Microfiber shammy
Microfiber Shammy. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Use a cloth that is dry, free of lint and that isn’t abrasive whatsoever. There are special computer cleaning cloths for sale that work out great. The idea is to clean off the screen with a dry cloth first. Some people use a smaller cloth for this, but repetition across the screen can leave streaks or debris. So, a larger cloth is the most ideal solution.

It’s best to use a specially formulated cleaning solution that isn’t abrasive, and some people choose to just use water. Of course, tap water is not recommended, but distilled water instead. There are certain things within tap water that can possibly harm the screen on your computer. When using other cleaning agents, the two most often used are white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol. You can use this with the distilled water to make up the cleaning solution you need. You’re going to use just a little bit, and you use it to dampen the cloth. Never apply any cleaner to the screen directly.

When you wipe off the dirt and grime, you want to do it in circles. Furthermore, if you are getting rid of smudges, don’t nick or scrape at them. This can harm the screen, and the cleaning solution you use is going to soften or dissolve the smudges.

Some people find that doing this cleaning process twice is best. Of course you always want to make sure all moisture is gone as well. Only after you are positive that the computer screen is dry should you turn the computer on again. There is always risk of your computer’s insides getting damaged if not. Finally, never use a heating source for drying the computer screen.


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