The Amazing Uses Of 3D Printers

It’s amazing the new technologies people are using these days. Even as little as five years ago, the idea of 3D printing was nothing more than a fairy tale, something out of a science fiction book rather than science fact. Yet now, people are able to not only print 3D objects, but 3D printers are actually affordable objects to own in your own home. What are some of the amazing things people are doing with 3D printers these days?

By 3Dfactories (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
One of the best uses you can get out of a home 3D printer is if you play any kind of table top or board game that requires miniature figurines. 3D printers excel at making those kinds of figurines, and many people who play a lot of table top games greatly enjoy the versatility of being able to print out their own custom figurines that work perfectly for whatever game they’re playing.

3D printers are also seeing use in custom made prosthetic limbs. There’s a large number of people and animals out there that require the use of a prosthetic limb due to a number of different kinds of accidents and mishaps. One of the sweetest stories of the use of 3D printing to create prosthetic limbs is that of Derby the Dog. Derby was a dog born with deformed front legs, which caused him to be unable to run and play like most dogs.

Luckily for him, someone named Tara Anderson, the director at a company called 3D systems, figured out that they could use a 3D printer to create some prosthetic limbs for the dog. They use a unique, oval shaped design to make front limbs for Derby, which allowed the dog to run and jump and play for the first time in his life. Without the modern miracle of 3D printing, this poor dog wouldn’t have ever known the joy of being able to run around.

That’s not all 3D printing is used for, however. There are a number of mechanist situations where you can use the magic of 3D printing instead of the old, traditional tools of the trade. 3D printing can create small, moving parts needed for a number of different machines, parts that, in times past, would have needed long and careful work by someone trained in various metal working skills. There are even some parts of modern guns that can be produced with 3D printing!

At the end of the day, 3D printing is still a new technology. As such, there’s no telling how many new and different uses will be found for this amazing technology. But already, people are finding a number of fantastic uses, both for work, education, and simple entertainment value. And 3D printing is already relatively cheap, especially compared to how much it cost even three years ago. So if you’re wondering if it’s worthwhile to become an early adopter and try out this amazing new technology, the answer is almost emphatically yes, you absolutely should.


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