A Review Of The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

At first sight of the Polaroid Socialmatic camera, it was quite easy to conclude that the manufacturing company had simply transformed the Instagram logo into a device. Among many other cameras, this is a device that portrays the pinnacle of modern day photography. The high tech and remarkable innovation that has led to the birth of this iconic photography device is unbelievable based on a social network’s logo. Many camera designers and sense-checkers were skeptical about the design of this device that has truly been an evidence of the transformative nature being experienced in the world of photography.

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera


This camera boasts of some top notch features that have clearly put it on the limelight. One magnificent feature of this camera is the on-board android operating system. With its fully-fledged Android OS, the Paraloid Socialmatic camera has been transformed into a powerful personal computer. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, a built-in GPS and a desktop-grade email client and internet browser are some of its state of the art features that enable it to carry out fucntions such as remote printing and photo geo-tagging. The camera also bears a highly unique QR code characteristic with which it can embedd a unique code on a photo for easy tracking of photographs.

Its impeccable instant photo uploading features have created a new world of photo sharing capabilities across various social media platforms. In addition, its instant photo printing mechanism provides a full-fledged gratification of inkless pictures which clearly outsmarts the traditional photographic cameras. Designed to empower photography in the whole world, its gives a unique blend of vintage paranoia capture and modern day snapshots . This camera has trully been the epitome of world-class digital sharing capabilities. With its fourteen megapixel foward facing camera and the two megapixel user facing camera, you can capture the best snapshots, print them instantly or share them online through some prominent social media network platforms.

The Polaroid Socialmatic camera is also designed to be self-sufficient just like a sumo wrestler. To begin with, it is made of high quality materials with a long life guarantee. The camera also supports a high value rechargeable lithium battery, high stereo speakers, an in-built LED flash, microphone and the latest composition of ARM processors. Its 1.5Gz CPU processing speed gives it the power to undertake all photographic processes as you simultaneously take videos, selfies or listen to music on your camera. In addition, this gadget also exhibits a 4.5 inch full color touchscreen display, a four gigabyte internal memory storage expandable to thirty two gigabytes and excellent on-board photo editing capabilities. With only the press of a button, the camera generates smudge-proof, water-resistant and vibrant prints. This means no ink printing technology or computer connections are required so as to get the desired photographic outputs.

Phone developers have openly claimed that the Polaroid Socialmatic Camera has the built-in capabilities of a high tech android tablet. With its release set for early 2015, expectations are high. You can grab yourself this gadget at $300.


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