Create A New Years Resolution List That is Obtainable For 2014

There is one thing we can all count on as December comes to an end, and that is the influx of resolutions that roll in with January. For most of us after we throw away that last bow, finish Christmas dinner leftovers, we begin thinking about our New Years Resolutions. For most people they tend to get worn out just by creating their initial list. I have seen lists, that entail: stop smoking, lose weight, visit Paris, be a better person. My gosh that is enough to do in a lifetime, let alone a year.

New Year Resolution 2015

So take a step back and let us help you create a New Years resolution list that you can actually stick to.

One of the very first things you need to do to your New Years resolution list is to minimize it this year. Instead of creating 5-10 things you want to accomplish, whittle it down to just one, two at the most. If there is only one thing you have to concentrate on, you have a better chance in achieving it. You can take all your focus and energy and work on that one resolution every day.

When you create your list, have one person listed on their that is going to keep you accountable all year long. They are the person who has the right to scold you for sneaking that cupcake or cigarette. When you do this, only share your resolution with one close confidante that will really help keep you in check. One step better is to have a friend with the same goal and work on them together and keep each other in check.

It is great to have big goals in mind with your list, if you narrow it down you have a much larger chance of succeeding. Instead of the proverbial quit smoking, try to cut my smoking habit in half by May. Setting smaller goals throughout the year will help you achieve a much larger goal in the end.

If you are stuck on your list, just step back and think about the past year in retrospect. What didn’t you like about it? What could have been better? Is there something you could that could change your life and make it better? Just think about the mistakes you have made and what you could have done better. This is not a time to beat yourself up, just a time for reflection.

Write down on your list when you are going to implement these changes in your life. Think about the times of your day that is filled with waste. Maybe it is sitting in front of the television or on Facebook playing Bingo. Write down what you are going to scrape from your life so you can implement good habits into your life. Those wasted hours will be the time that you actively work on your goals.

Don’t be afraid of setting any goal that you want to accomplish. Whether it is a personal, health, financial, take it on head first. If you do it in baby steps and follow these tips on creating your list, you can accomplish anything.