Epson Workforce 845: The Printer You Need in Your Office

Epson works hard to compete with other big-name printer manufacturers, such as HP and Brother. As a company with a lot to prove, they tend to include all of the latest and greatest technological advancements in their printers. Even their affordable models come packed with enough functionality to put them on even ground with the best of HP or Brother.

The Epson WorkForce 845 is the latest all-in-one printer released by Epson. It’s intended use is for small to large offices that are in need of multi-function devices to get through the workday. However, if you just want a phenomenal printer at your home that can handle a huge workload, then this is still a great choice.

Epson Workforce 845
Epson Workforce 845

When they say ‘multi-function’ they really mean a lot of functions. As you would expect, it includes print, scan, and copy functions, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It also includes three connectivity options, meaning you can connect to your Epson 845 however you see fit, whether ethernet, USB, or Wi-Fi.

It also includes a lot of new Epson features found in the Epson Connect Portfolio. These functions work together to print directly from Apple and Google’s cloud printing services. You can also print directly from any iOS or Android device. Finally, you can email pages to print directly to the printer and they’ll be printed on demand.


The WorkForce 845 is not a compact models. However, considering all of its features, capabilities, and functionality, it’s surprising they were able to fit in as small of a model as they did. Dimensions are around 18in x 15in x 12in. It weighs about 22 pounds with a full ink cartridge and connected tray. That makes it easy to move around the office when needed, though you shouldn’t need to do that much thanks to all of their connectivity options.

A 12 inch control panel includes an 8 inch touch screen and 4 inch color LCD. This makes it extremely easy to navigate through all of the different printing options without any need for the computer.

The menu includes all of the options you need to easily navigate forward, back, and return to home. Buttons that aren’t of use in the current menu are blacked out to prevent confusion.

The control panel also includes two slots for media cards and a USB port that is compatible with PictBridge. This is used for directly printing from your digital camera.


When it comes to features, the 845 really doesn’t hold anything back. Their Easy Photo Print software makes it easy to edit and print images from any media source. You’ll also have access to special Epson applications, such as their scanner app and CreativeZone app. These are useful for managing photo albums and creating unique prints, such as cards or envelopes.

End Result.

This isn’t the cheapest or smallest printer on the market. If you only have need for a few prints here and there, then you can probably find a more affordable model. However, if you need a multi-function device capable of handling a heavy workload, then the Epson WorkForce 845 is perfect for you.

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