Best Ideas For Homemade Halloween Costumes In 2014

Every October, many people get excited about dressing up for Halloween. Many people believe that this is a festive occasion that is typically limited to children, but that is not the case anymore. Whether you are planning for an office party where you can dress up with your coworkers, or you would like to go to a get-together in town to have fun with friends and family, Halloween is one of the most popular events of the year, allowing both adults and children to dress up in their favorite costumes and simply have fun. Here are some of the best ideas for homemade Halloween costumes in 2014 that you might want to consider.

By Team at via Wikimedia Commons

Wicked Teddy Bear

This is a costume that is probably limited to adults, although children could modify it accordingly. Wicked teddy bear is a costume that you can throw together with your favorite skimpy outfit, using only one half of the teddy bear’s face. Catering to our nation’s obsession with zombies, this is one way that you can release your inner Walking Dead. By placing half of a teddy bear on one half of your face, and adding fangs and blood to the teddy bear, plus blackening out its eye, you can have a very disturbing costume that is both cute and horrifying. All you need is a regular sultry outfit, and a teddy bear that is disposable. This is something that might cost several hundred dollars if you were to buy it at a store, or on the Internet, but you can make it for just a few dollars in the comfort of your home.

Miley Mummy Cyrus

Most of us have seen the antics of Miley Cyrus, one of the more popular pop stars in the world today. She is known for her twerking, and also that terrible tongue that seems to never be in her mouth. We are all familiar with what mummies look like, and how easy that type of costume is to create. You could make a combination Miley Cyrus and mummy costume by doing the following things. If you have a skimpy leotard that you can wear, with or without a tail, and you can put your hair up, with two separate buns in the front, you are halfway there. If you happen to have another teddy bear lying around, and an old sheet or two, and all you have to do is cut the sheet into strips, wrapping your arms and legs with the strips of cloth, and then walk around with your teddy bear and tongue hanging out. The most difficult part of the entire outfit would be keeping your tongue out as long as Miley, but even if you don’t, the leotard teddy bear mummy outfit Miley Cyrus style will definitely get several looks.

Your ability to create a homemade Halloween costume is essentially limited only to your imagination. Many people have extra bed sheets, teddy bears, and skimpy outfits lying around the house, all of which can be used for a Halloween costume. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on one that you find on the Internet, or perhaps far less if shopping on eBay, you can spend a few dollars, or no money at all, and end up with a completely unique Halloween costume to wear in 2014.

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