Advantages of Bidet Over Toilet Paper

A Bidet is a fixture that looks like a sink, whose main purpose is to wash the genitalia and buttocks after a short or long call. The bidet contains a nozzle and a water drainage system. It works by spraying water under controlled pressure on the area to be cleaned. This helps keep hands off the private parts, as it was the norm with toilet papers.  A bidet is therefore considered more beneficial (in many ways) than a toilet paper.

bathroom bidet
Bathroom Bidet


Discussed below are several advantages of a bidet over a toilet paper.

1.    It is hygienic: A bidet uses water that gushes from a nozzle spraying on the part to be cleaned. This reduces any chances of getting your hands soiled by mistake, hence reducing chances of getting germs and bacteria on the hands. Using a toilet paper on the other hand forces one to use his/her hands and fingers to swipe the area clean. This exposes the hands to germs should the tissue break or soak.

2.    Efficient for seniors and women: Most seniors find it hard to clean themselves after using the restrooms.  Many of them have to depend on caregivers for wiping, and this tends to lower their self-esteem. Mothers on the other hand may have a sense of un-freshness especially during their periods. A bidet however makes it very easy for seniors to clean and wipe themselves after using the restrooms. Women too can use the bidet to clean and freshen up during their menstrual cycles.

3.    Bidets are a great way to save money: Although the initial installation of a bidet may be pricey, it cannot be compared to the cost of toilet papers that have to be bought every now and then.  The fixture uses water sparingly and helps save more money on water bills and toilet rolls as well.

4.    Comfort ability:  The dry toilet paper can be discomforting to use especially if the parts being cleaned are sensitive. Some toilet paper manufacturers add in some perfume, a substance that can cause infections to women and even men. Perfumed products are the number one causing agents of candida. A bidet on the other hand uses warm water for the same purpose, and is comforting to use. The water temperature and pressure can be regulated to suit ones cleaning preference as well.

5.    Reduce drainage clogging: Some toilet papers do not dissolve easily once used, and a buildup of the same can cause clogging in the drainage system. About 12% of all drainage problems are caused by undissolved toilet paper. Using a bidet can however reduce and eliminate such cases.

6.    Environment friendliness: Toilet paper is specially made from recycled paper and wood pulp. Lots of this raw material is needed to produce enough toilet papers for everyone to use. Trees have to be cut to serve this purpose, hence promoting desertification. Bidets on the other hand need water only. This makes it more environment friendly than toilet paper.

More and more people are embracing bidets as the best alternative for toilet paper. You too should consider doing the same.

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