What You Need To Know About 4K TV and UltraHD TV?

One of the hottest new buzzwords in the entertainment industry these days is 4K. 4K TVs are supposed to be the wave of the future, shaking things up and changing the paradigm. However, if you do not know what a 4K TV is, you might wonder why you need to care.

4K-DiagramIf you like to watch TV, you probably want the sharpest and clearest picture possible. Nobody enjoys watching TV shows or movies on a fuzzy screen where you cannot tell what is going on. These days, almost everyone has an HD television set with digital pictures, and these may seem like all that you could need.

However, with a 4K TV, you can get an even sharper and clearer picture. Basically, a 4K TV gives you even more pixels than a standard HD set. A pixel is a tiny colored dot, and the image on your TV screen is made up of millions of pixels. The more pixels your screen can display, the sharper the image will be.

A standard 1080p HD screen has 1080 rows and 1920 columns of pixels, meaning that there are just over 2 million pixels on the screen. A 4K set, on the other hand, has around 8 million pixels. This means that the picture on your new 4K screen will be eight times sharper than on your old HD TV.

These sets are called 4K TVs because there are about 4000 columns of pixels. In some cases, you might also see this resolution described as 2160p. Both the number of rows and the number of columns on a 4K set have been doubled in comparison to an HD TV.

ultrahdHowever, the difference between a 4K TV and an HD TV may not be immediately visible to you unless you buy a larger TV. One reason why so many people saw such a big difference when they upgraded to HD TVs was that they were often buying a larger screen as well. If you sit far enough away from the screen, your eyes will not be able to see much of a difference.

One of the major benefits of a 4K TV is that you can get as close as you want to the screen without the image getting fuzzy. This is a particular benefit when it comes to computer monitors. People generally sit closer to their monitor then they do their TV, and a 4K monitor gives a clear, immersive image even from just a foot or so away.

You may also hear about UltraHD TVs. An UltraHD screen is basically any screen that has a resolution of at least 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels. All 4K TVs are therefore also UltraHD TVs, but there can also be UltraHD screens that have even higher resolutions. For example, companies are already working on 8K displays.

If you want the sharpest, clearest picture available, it is time to start thinking about a 4K TV. Use this information to understand what you need to be looking for in a new set.

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