Saving Money By Printing In Only Black And White

Everyone knows that printer ink cartridges are some of the most expensive things around. That’s why is always attempting to find new and more cost effective ways to save you money on ink and toner cartridges.

What is one of the best ways to save money with a printer? Set it to only print in black and white!


A. How To Set Your PC Printer To Only Print In Black And White

1. Go to your “Start” menu. Click on “Control Panel.”

2. In your control panel, click on “View Devices And Printers.” Not only will this bring up your connected printers, but also other devices connected to your computer.

3. Right click on the name of your printer (i.e. Samsung CLX 3305) and select the “Printing Preferences.”

4. You should see a bunch of different options depending on the device. But in the row of buttons at the top, find the labels “Color” and “Quality.” (Or just one of those.)

5. Select “Print In Black And White” or “Grayscale.”

6. Make sure you pick “Apply”. Now your printer will print in only black and white!

B. How To Set Your Apple Printer To Only Print In Black And White

1. Select something to print. This will bring up the Print sheet.

2. Find “Copies and Pages” and select it.

3. As with the PC version, look for the “Colors” or “Quality” options.

4. Select “Print In Black And White” or “Grayscale.”

5. Now that you have these settings, you need to make sure you save them so your printer will remember the preference.

6. Select “Save As” from your “Presets” menu and name your preferences. Something like “Black And White” will work.

7. Select Print. Now your printer will automatically default to printing in black and white.

8. If you’re not sure it’s stuck, be sure to check on it under the settings before you print something. Select “Printer Settings” every time you print until you’re sure that it’s stuck and will always print in black and white.

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