Using Your Brother Toner Printer – How To Reset The “Toner Life End” Message

If you have just replaced the toner cartridge in your Brother printer, and a “replace toner” or “toner low” warning message still keeps coming up, take heart – there is a solution! You may have tried everything, including taking the toner cartridge out, checking all is working correctly and that all the packaging has been removed. You may have switched your printer off and back on again, but the message hasn’t budged. You may even have tried shaking the cartridge from side to side – just in case! The user manual isn’t much help in this situation, and the main problem is that, even though you know the printer has a brand new toner cartridge, the printer refuses to print!


About Brother Toner Cartridges

You can relax now, help is here! The truth is that most Brother toner printers need to be told that the toner cartridge has been replaced. This means manually resetting the counter, and fortunately this is an easy thing to do. We’ve created a handy list of Brother toner printers, and the steps to reset the toner count in each of them.

Resetting the “Toner Life End” or “Replace Toner” message on the Brother HL monochrome (black and white) printer:

  1. Open the front cover, and keep it open while you take the following steps.
  2. Switch off the printer.
  3. Hold down the “Start” or “Go” button while turning on the printer. All of the panel lights should now be on.
  4. Release the “Start” or “Go” button.
  5. Now, press the “Start” or “Go” button twice.
  6. Wait for a moment. The panel lights should all be on again.
  7. Now, press the “Start” or “Go” button five times. At this point, the toner light should be off, although the “error” may be flashing. The paper light should be on or at least flashing at this point.
  8. You are ready to close the cover, and the “Ready” light should be the only light that is now on.
  9. Resetting the “Replace Toner” or “Toner Life End” warning message on the Brother MFC monochrome (black and white) printer:
  10. Open the door, and then press the Clear/Back key.
  11. Now press *00
  12. Next, press “OK”.
  13. When the drum replacement menu comes up, don’t choose anything for drum replacement, instead press * and then 00, and then “OK”.


Resetting The “Replace Toner” or “Toner Life End” warning message on the Brother DCP, MFC and HL colour printer:

  1. Open the toner access door while the printer is switched on. You will see the “Cover is Open” message on the LCD screen of your printer.
  2. Bring up the “Reset Menu” by pressing the “Clear/Back” button.
  3. Once you are in the Reset Menu, scroll through the reset options for the printer’s toner cartridges. You will be given rest options for all four of the colours: BK; C; Y; and M. If you have a printer that takes standard yield and high yield cartridges, you will see an option to reset either one of these.
  4. Once you have selected the correct colour and size of the toner cartridge, press “OK”.
  5. Each cartridge needs to be reset individually. To reset, press “1”.
  6. Now press “Clear/Back” to exit the menu, and finally, close the door.

You’re ready to go!

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