4 Must Have Office Tools for Small Business

Running a new business in the overly crowded market place, and without all the essential tools can be stressing at times. This is because you need to remain relevant in the field while at the same time competing with your competition (the big boys). A new business is always delicate during the first few days and even months of operation. It is for this reason why you need to employ every tactic to ensure everything runs as desired, and that customers are happy. Discussed below tools you should have in your business office.

Office_toolkit1. Google Analytics

This is a simple tool from Google that helps monitor how much traffic is coming to your business website. This tool can help you determine factors you can implement to make your business run smoothly and drive sales from the same. As a business owner, you can use statistics acquired from this tool to better your business.

2. Dropbox

This is a cloud file storage tool that helps keep all office files accessible from anywhere. Whether traveling or not, Dropbox will make all files accessible wherever you are. This makes it convenient to monitor all files and documents via the secure cloud server.

3. VOIP applications

VoIP applications help ease communication costs with other businesses or clients. Skype is a good example of this, an application that enables secure and reliable communication between customers and businesses. This is especially important if one operates an online based business.

4. CRM tools

Customer relationship management tools helps create a link between businesses and customers. Businesses have been able to serve their customers much better, and this has led to an increase in productivity and profitability in many.

If you are thinking of starting off a new business, the tools discussed above should help you start off well. You will also need tangible tools for the purpose such as a working computer/laptop, fast internet and a printer.

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Image credit: commons.wikimedia.org


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