Discover The Types of Bicycles That Fit Your Riding Purpose

In order to make the most out of your cycling experience, you need to choose the right type of bicycle for your requirement. This would mainly depend on the purpose of your riding the bicycle. It could be for recreational purposes, racing purposes, touring purposes or just road riding purposes. This article will highlight the types of bicycles designed for different purposes.

Cruiser Bicycle via Wikimedia Commons.

1. Recreational riding is when you ride the bicycle just for leisure purposes. Like when you ride the bike on a Sunday afternoon with your kids, friends or grand kids in the park, bike track or city. Any type of cruiser bicycle would do fine here. Even the older bikes that have no gears are great for such kind of riding.

Touring Bicycle via Wikimedia Commons.

2. Touring is when you undertake long distance riding on your bicycle. These trips can last for 1-2 hours, weeks or even months. You will gave to carry the necessary gear when going on such trips. An expedition bicycle or touring bicycle is the best equipment for this type of riding. These bicycles are built with robust and repairable steel. These bikes are more upright in position since comfort has to be of top notch than speed in these bicycles.

Race Bicycle via Wikimedia Commons.

3. Racing bikes are built for speed and performance over all other qualities. These bikes have gears to adjust the speed of the bike according to the terrain. These bikes are made of carbon fiber which is formed into an aerofoil shape. This will help to reduce drag on the bicycle and improve performance. Aerodynamic wheels are used in these bikes to enhance the speed and performance while racing.

Road Bicycle via Wikimedia Commons.

4. Road bikes are equipped with thin tires and a fine frame. These bikes are lightweight and are designed for speed. Road bikes are available in various colors.

mountain bikes
Mountain Bicycle via Wikimedia Commons.

5. Mountain bikes are build for tough terrain. The frames are build for impacts, so they are stronger and harder. These bikes are usually equipped with suspensions and disc brake for highest performance.

The above information will help you to discover the types of bicycles available in the market. It will assist in making an informed decision when buying a bicycle.

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