How To Use Your GoPro Camera for Making a Viral Video

GoPro cameras are perfect for a lot of situations. They allow daring people to attach it to their equipment while doing sports like paragliding, surfing, snowboarding, skiing or diving. The result is an amazing footage that can be used to create stunning videos.

GoPro Stick

The most interesting use of a GoPro camera is to attach it on a stick, then throw it around while filming. Have some friends with you when you do this, as the result is even more interesting if you have some people in the movie. Choose a location with some good landscape such as grass, flowers, trees or even the seaside. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various moves, as you are going to edit your movie anyway and cut out everything that doesn’t look captivating.

The most interesting thing about this way of shooting is the perspective. Since the camera is attached to the stick, this will appear fixed in all frames and sequences, while everything around it whirls and twirls in a craziness that can cause dizziness to the viewers.

It’s also a good idea to run while holding the stick with the GoPro camera upside down and dragging it through the grass. Your children will be happy to watch and see the world from the perspective of a bug. You could add a cool voice offer and some music and sound effects to your movie, for an even higher potential of becoming viral. Upload it on your YouTube channel, promote it through social media and email it to all your friends. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to prove your creativity and for others to entertain themselves or even to try making their own GoPro movies by attaching their cameras on other things in motion such as bicycle wheels or hula hoops.

GoPro Body Mount

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