How To Save On Ink Toner

By Kenny Louie. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Buying ink toner is one of the biggest unpredictable expenses. You know you have to buy other certain supplies, but sometimes ink toner completely catches you by surprise. Not to mention the expense of it. What is an office on a budget to do when it comes ink toner?

Luckily there are some great ways to save money the next time you have to buy ink toner. In fact, these methods are so cost-effective that you may want to stock up well ahead of time.

1. Look For Sales

Big box stores and online computer shops especially want to unload their stock every few months. This is when you have the best chance to swoop in and pick up toner for your machines. Of course, these sales only last for as long as there is stock, so get in early if you have a popular model.

2. Coupons

If you plan on using the same brand for a while, it may behoove you to sign up for their mailing list and try to score some coupons. Every once in a while the company will send loyal customers some coupons that could save them some serious money. You can also get coupons from brands’ social media accounts and by visiting their websites.

3. Clearance Sites

If you fancy a bit of gambling with your time, you may look up some clearance sites focusing on office supplies. These sites take the overstock from other stores and sell them at dirt cheap prices. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will find your brand, hence the gambling with your time. But if you can find the right toner for cheap, you can stock up for years to come.

Saving money on ink toner doesn’t have to be difficult. By keeping an eye out for sales and for clearance options, you’re looking at saving some serious cash.


The Best Jansport Backpack for 2014

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Back To School Time is NOW!. Many parents and students are researching online to find the best backpack. We have a suggestion for you, check out Jansport Backpack. Jansport has been known for making great backpacks, their products are high quality, durable, and stylish.

When many students are settled with the classic and very popular Jansport Superbreak, there are actually other Jansport models that are stylish and different. Jansport always come up with a new model each year. We have curated all Jansport Backpack Model for 2014 and present you with our top pick for the most stylish Jansport backpack for 2014.

Below is the list for The Most Stylish Jansport Backpack for 2014:

1. Jansport Superbreak – THE CLASSIC

jansport supebreak
Jansport Superbreak

2. Jansport Agave

jansport agave
Jansport Agave

3. Jansport Boost

jansport boost
Jansport Boost

4. Jansport Cortlandt

jansport cortlandt
Jansport Cortlandt

5. Jansport Crossland

jansport crossland
Jansport Crossland

6. Jansport Mesh

jansport mesh
Jansport Mesh

7. Jansport Odyssey

jansport odyssey
Jansport Odyssey

8. Jansport Sinder 15

jansport sinder 15
Jansport Sinder 15

9. Jansport Sinder 22

jansport sinder 22
Jansport Sinder 22

Above are the best Jansport Backpack model for 2014 based on our opinion. You might have other opinion too. So check them out, click here to view all models. Link: Model 2014