Tips On How To Save Money For Your Business

Having to replace printer cartridges (or even toners) with new ones every week can be expensive, very expensive. Although printer manufacturers advise users to replace used up cartridges with new ones, there are many other safe alternatives you can use, and save BIG on printing costs. You can find easy ways on how to save on printer inks regardless of your printing preferences and needs

1.    Use XL (extra-large) cartridges

HP 901XL Ink Cartridge

Every normal cartridge has an XL twin that can be used on the same printer. All you have to do is mark the printer specific cartridges, then look for the XL version of the same. Although XL cartridges may cost 25% more than the normal cartridges, they have twice the capacity. This means you will get to print more, for less.

2.    Refill the printer cartridges

Brother Tn450 Toner Refill Kit

Many of the old printer cartridges (but in perfect condition) can be refilled and reused within the same printer again and again. All you need to do is buy high quality and genuine refilling ink.  You also need to know how the cartridges should be refilled to avoid damaging them. You can learn this online though online tutorials on the same. Refilling these ink cartridges 4-5 times before disposing them will help save much on printing costs.

3.    Use a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS)

Brother Lc41 Continuous Ink System

Many printer systems today support CISS systems for uninterrupted, low maintenance printing. The CISS contain ink tubes and a reservoir for individual inks that can be refilled more than 100 times. You can actually see the level of ink in the reservoir and determine which color to refill. This system provides an economical way to save on ink printing costs.

4.    Configure your printer to print in draft mode


Draft or gray-scale mode saves a lot more printing. Configuring your printer to print in this mode produces a visible average quality printout, and this conserves ink in great amounts. A cartridge designed to produce 100 prints in normal quality can print more than 250 prints of the same in draft mode or gray scale.  This makes it a great money saving option especially if using normal ink cartridges.

5.    Do not turn off the printer


Many of us have a habit of turning the printer off after printing a couple of pages. This mostly happens in offices where printing is done once or twice after a couple of hours. Turning the printer off, then on again forces its internal system to suck in ink into its printer heads in readiness for a new print out, and this drains some ink away. Instead of turning the printer off, allow it to go on power saving mode. The printer will automatically start when a new print job is sent.

The other way you can save money on printer ink is by investing on a printer that allows ink saving or refilling. Epson printers are a good example of printers that support Continuous Ink Supply Systems, and these have helped many people save money in return.

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