Tips On How To Get Started With Your New Smartphone

Starting off with your first smartphone can be intimidating especially if you have never used such a device before. Smartphones are an advanced version of PDA’s and support multiple tasks and capabilities.


The smartphone can become your new mobile office where you can view, edit and even print documents seamlessly. These smart gadgets come pre-installed with apps to make our lives easier and fun, and are easily customizable to suit out needs.  Discussed below are several tips to help you get started with your new gadget.

1.    The home screen

This is the first screen that appears when the smartphone is switched on.  Unless you love the current factory set home screen, you can set it in whatever way you like it. You can change to your favorite wallpaper, install widgets and even adjust ringtones as you like it. This is your phone, make it pliable to you.

2.    Make use of its camera features

Smartphone manufacturers have invested heavily on high definition cameras. You can use these cameras to take photos of memorable moments, your loved ones and even make video calls with.  With social networking at its peak, you can take photos and share them with your friends or family through social apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter among others. Nothing is greater than being able to take great photos with your smartphone and share them with your loved ones.

3.    Data Usage

Most of the apps in smartphones are designed to use data in real time. This can be frustrating especially if the apps are eating away without your knowledge.  Almost all smartphones however will identify apps that are using the internet and by how much. You can shut down internet access to some of the apps and leave only the ones you use frequently. This way, you will be able to save on data charges.

4.    Battery usage and power savers

Smartphones consume lots of power, and it is your responsibility to save as much power as you can. GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth and Satnav apps are the biggest power consumers and should be turned off when not in use. Newer smartphones come with special apps designed to tell which app is consuming the most power and how to shut them up. Putting the WIFI of for example goes your battery a longer life, and you won’t have to keep recharging the phone every 2 hours.

5.    Data security and security

Data security within your smartphone is very important. This is especially critical for persons who make online purchases, and use their phones for office work. There are several data security apps you can invest in for added security. Data backup is important too for smartphone users. Use any available cloud-sync services to backup important data, emails and even contacts.

The most important thing you should do after buying a new smartphone is familiarizing yourself with it first. User manuals provided when you buy these gadgets come in handy as they will show you around the specific phone model and type. Next, ensure it is safe by password protecting sensitive info, start screen and even installing a phone finder app for added security.

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By Aria

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