The Newest Wearable Tech For Fitness And Health

Keeping fit is something which many people find a challenge, but now manufacturers are hoping that wearable tech is the solution which people are looking for. Devices which monitor your activity levels and other health metrics have been around for a while, but the range has increased over the last couple of years as the market has grown. Here are some of the newest – and best – wearable tech which is currently available.

Fitbit One

Fitbit One

Fitbit were one of the first to offer wearable tech which could help to track fitness, and they continue to be one of the best. Their latest Fitbit One offers all of the useful features such as a pedometer and sleep monitor which previous products included, but also has additional metrics such as the number of floors climbed. The data can be viewed in detail by effortlessly syncing the device to a PC or MAC.

The main criticism of the device is that it does not allow the user to set their own goals. If this is important to you, consider the Fitbit Flex instead. This stylish pedometer is set at the recommended target of 10,000 steps, but the online software allows users to easily lower or raise this goal.

Nike FuelBand

Nike Fuel Band

If you like the idea of a fitness tracker which fits around your wrist but you aren’t sold on the idea of a Fitbit Flex, take a look at the latest Nike FuelBand. The device has undergone many improvements which address previous criticism about accuracy, and it is now one of the best activity trackers available. The fact that it also displays the time is a useful feature.

LG Lifeband Touch And Earphones

LG Life Band Earphone

LG are the latest big brand to enter the wearable fitness tracker market, with their LifeBand Touch. It is similar to the Nike Fuelband, but has additional features such as a touch screen and the function to display calls and texts. However, the biggest advantage of the Lifeband Touch is that it can be used with LG’s heart rate earphones. These measure your heartbeat during a workout.

Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel

Although not ostensibly a fitness device, many people are using the new Pebble Steel for just that thanks to its range of health and fitness tracking apps. This smartwatch is hotly tipped to be one of the bestselling wearble tech devices this year, thanks to the stylish looks of the Steel. The brand has worked hard to address the criticism that the first generation of Pebble lacked flair when it came to appearance.


Wellograph Watch

At first glance, the Wellograph looks much like any other smartwatch. However, this device is entirely geared towards monitoring your fitness and health. It tracks your motions to assess your activity levels and also has a fairly accurate heart rate monitor. You can review up to 2 months of data directly through the watch, but can also link it to your smartphone for further information.

If you enjoy gadgets, wearable tech may provide you with the motivation you need to get and stay in shape. Whatever health and fitness metric you are most interested in, there is a device which will perfectly suit your needs.

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By Aria


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