Must Have Gadgets For The Kitchen

Kitchen gadgets often wind up being tossed in a kitchen drawer, forgotten about and never used. Sometimes an item –sure to save time and money – is given with the best of intentions for a wedding or other occasion, and it, too never gets used. It just gets placed on a countertop, gathering dust. Here, then, is a listing of five of the must-have gadgets that you want and will actually use to make kitchen prep easy, quick and convenient.


Kitchen Scissors
Kitchen Scissors

Any kitchen needs scissors, but do not leave the work of cutting through poultry to a pair of scissors better used for clipping coupons. One of the top picks for scissors your kitchen needs, is Joyce Chen Unlimited Scissors.

This product has soft handles for your comfort, but don’t let this fool you. They are tough enough to gnaw through chicken bones, lobster shells, flower stems, and even shrubs. You can use them whether you are left-handed or right-handed. They are durable and safe for cutting tough items without hurting your hands, and can be purchased online for about $20.


Digital Thermometer No-Contact
Digital Thermometer No-Contact

The one thermometer your kitchen needs for cooking or broiling and baking is the Taylor Instant-Read Thermometer. It is one inch in diameter and never requires batteries to take fast, accurate temperature reads. Get it into your kitchen for under $10.


Chicken  Kitchen Timer
Chicken Kitchen Timer

Check your potatoes, meats, and more all at the same time with the only kitchen timer you will ever need. Toss out your old one, and purchase a new Polder brand See-Thru Triple Timer. That’s right, you don’t need to set and reset a timer for up to three different items. Just set your Polder timer once or up to three times to ensure everything comes out perfectly when the timer sounds. Available for about $17 in stores near you.

A Corkscrew


Face it, even in kitchens where wine is not consumed for drinking, it can be a pain to try and open a bottle of cooking sherry with an antiquated corkscrew that leaves have the cork in the bottle and you feeling like a dummy. Invest in a Pull taps Professional corkscrew from Wine Enthusiast. It is made of Teflon, which smoothly slides over corks to remove them without a hitch. Not bad for about $20.

Vegetable Peeler

No Mesh Vegetable Peeler
No Mesh Vegetable Peeler

Sure, you have one already. However, toss it and replace it with one that not only lasts as long as your oldest adult child has been alive, but it also comes with replacement blades. Where is this miraculous gadget available?   Look for the Y-Peeler at a store near you or online. They are made by OXO and will set you back almost $12.
Perhaps these gadgets are ones you thought you never needed, or you thought you had already a full set of these supposed must-have kitchen gadgets. But, now you know that newer twists on older products will keep your kitchen as functional as it can be. You will create meals and desserts without fuss from useless, dusty items.

Meritline has huge selection of useful kitchenware and kitchen gadgets. I am sure you will find something useful for your cooking voyage.

By Aria


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