The Top Things To Buy On Memorial Day 2014

While many look forward to Memorial Day for its outdoor activities like cookouts, family picnics, and memorial services, you can also use the opportunity to take advantage of the myriad of Memorial Day sales that will inevitably occur. These days, the sales are even found on various online stores as well as the standard old retail chains. Memorial Day generally offers some of the greatest discounts of the year, perhaps only second to that of the infamous “Black Friday.” In the following paragraphs let’s go over what you should set your targets on as you prepare for some Memorial Day shopping this year!

Big Sale Event
Big Sale Event

Summer Clothing

With the warm months of summer ahead, the best possible use of Memorial Day sales are likely to find yourself some great new summer clothing. Plenty of great selections of the season’s best looking and most comfortable tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, mini-skirts, and so on will likely all be on full display this Memorial Day. Do not be afraid to go for sales that are clearing out older stock either however unless you are truly obsessed with sticking to the most current trends.

Swimsuits and Swim Trunks

You should look out for bulk buy deals that save you more money overall. If there’s a buy 5 get 25 percent off sale, by all means, take advantage! Online stores will also offer some truly deep discounts since they tend to have more older stock on hand. Even sites for bigger names like the Gap, Old Navy, and Sears will have massive 50 and 60 percent off sales that truly must be poured through. If you have a large family, sales like these are the best time to prepare yourself for the summer months ahead. Recreational clothing like swimsuits and trunks will even be on sale. Do not miss out!

Tools and Home Appliances

Other than clothing, you will find some great sales on tools and home appliances. If you need a new air conditioner, grill, or lawnmower going into summer, now is as good a time as any to grab one. Even though these items are most often bought in person, always be sure to check online first.

Toys and Games

Stores like Toys R Us, Target, and other department chains will also likely have a lot of good discounts on the likes of toys and video games. Summer can’t be all about the out doors. Your kids will need some things to keep them busy when school is out, so keep an eye out for fun products they may enjoy.

What Not To Buy

For some closing tips, even if you prefer shopping in person, you should at least look at any store’s website before going out. Many will have exclusive discount coupons you can print out or store on your phone that will help you save more when you check out. You may also want to avoid any electronics sales unless you absolutely need something like a television to be replaced. The end of the year sales are always deeper for items like those. No matter what you buy, be choosey, price compare, and have fun!

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By Aria

Image Source: Wikimedia


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