Finding the Best Camera Based Smartphones

Many consumers remember that it wasn’t too long ago when cameras on cell phones were just kind of an added accessory that were not expected to really function for high level pictures. Many early models were grainy and barely developed, but those days are long gone. Many smartphones have top notch cameras that can provide for all your photography needs. From capturing the moment to finding that one lucky shot, you want a smartphone that has a camera worthy of capturing every wonderful moment.

Great Photo From A Camera Phone
Great Photo From A Camera Phone

Deciding on what smartphone camera is “best” is a little subjective and also based on specific need.  Do you need a camera that can deal with glare from direct sunlight and works great outdoors, or is it more important to have an almost professional level camera that can grab multiple shots per second. Is your main concern the camera, or are you looking for a fully functional smartphone where the camera simply holds up to the rest? The good news for mobile phone fans is that there are many great smartphone cameras out there to choose from.

The iPhone 5s has it all

iPhone 5S Camera
iPhone 5S Camera

When it comes to an amazing overall phone, it’s hard to top the iPhone 5s. This iPhone model is extremely popular for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact it is available to all major cell phone carriers. This phone as a sensor 15% larger than from the previous iPhone model, and a dual LED flash to make sure that even in low light, you’ll get crystal clear pictures. Add in the “burst mode” app to take up to 10 pictures a second and it’s easy to capture those special moments as they happen.

The best smartphone camera for the outdoor adventurer

Sony Xperia™ Z1 Camera
Sony Xperia™ Z1 Camera

What good is the best smartphone camera in the world if it breaks every time you hit that off road trail or splash some water on it? For the outdoor photographer is is hard to beat the Sony Xperia Z1s.

While it’s not meant to be submerged for long periods of time, this model did well submerged in up to 5 feet of water for up to half an hour, meaning it should be especially resistant to just basic splashes, a little rain, or incidental water contact. This phone boasts a 20.7-MP camera and has no problem taking low light photographs, even pulling off some underwater shots in the perfect conditions.

What camera phone has the best features?

Galaxy S5 Camera
Galaxy S5 Camera

When it comes to the best features specifically for photography purposes, a lot of amateur photographers find the Samsung Galaxy S5 really hard to beat. The sensor is 16 megapixels with an incredible auto-focus that takes less than one-third of a second to work. The pictures from this phone tend to be extremely sharp and detailed, and there are several editing modes right on the phone that allow you to touch up the pictures however you see fit. These features are not found on many other smartphones and are what make the Samsung model really stick out as a viable option for photo editors.

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