Advice To Make Your Prom Unforgettable

A prom is one night a teenager looks forward to for years. In order to make it a night you truly will not forget, you could use some ideas. Here are some tips to make prom one of the best times you will ever have.

The Prom
The Prom

The Outfit

In order to really enjoy your prom, you need to find the right prom outfit. Remember, many pictures will be taken of you that night, and you want to look your best for said pictures. On the other hand, you will be dancing and be on your feet all night, so your footwear should be nice, but comfortable. Do not settle on the first outfit you find; if you are a girl, look around before making your ultimate choice. If you are a guy, finding a tuxedo or suit will probably be easier.

The Theme

Try to make your prom extra special by thinking of a unique prom theme. Obviously, if you are not on prom committee, you may not have much of a say. But, whether or not you are on the committee, you can always make a suggestion as to what the theme should be. Some examples include an 80’s theme, tropical theme, or Hollywood theme.

The Dance

If you are not so good at dancing, it would be best to take some lessons before the big night. What kind of prom will you have if you have to sit down the whole time because you cannot dance? If you do not have the time or money for dance lessons, you could always view dance instruction videos online.

The Limo

Gather your funds to rent a limo. There will not be many opportunities in your life to ride in a limousine, so why not use prom as one of these rare opportunities? One person renting a limo can get pricy. But, if you, your date, and some friends all pitch in, it becomes much more affordable. As an added bonus, try to rent a limo that comes with food, beverages and some great music!

The After Party

Consult with some friends to discuss an after-prom activity. Most proms end early in the night; who wants to go home after being so wired from the prom festivities? See if you and your friends can have a get-together at someone’s house, go bowling, or head to a diner. You can spend this time to chat about the great night you had!

The Date

In order to really have a great prom, go with someone you want to go with. Some people settle on the first person to ask them to the big night. However, they do not have a good time because it is not the person they wanted to go with. If your desired date is unavailable, go as a group with some of your single friends. Remember, you want this night to be memorable and who you make memories with is important.

You have just been given advice to help you have a great prom night. This is one night you always want to remember. By using the above advice, you will have the time of your life!


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By Aria




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