Best Tips To Save Money On Your Cellphone Bills

Do you wish you could decrease some of the costs associated with your cell phone bill? Are you annoyed that your bill seems to be increasing every month? A lot of the cellular providers do not want you to read what we are about to uncover about saving money on your cell phone bills.

Saving money on your cell phone bills does not have to be difficult. By following the tips below, you should be able to save a ton of money and cut down your cellphone bills for good.


Top Tips To Save Money On Your Cellphone Bills:

1. Go Prepaid.

A lot of people think that prepaid services are “worse” or provide lousy coverage. The truth is, a lot of the prepaid cellular options out there are just as good as their postpaid counterparts. There is a couple of ways to go about this. You can either look at your cellular providers prepaid options or you can look at third party options. The truth is, a lot of the third party options are going to utilize “rented” cellular towers from the top cell phone companies. This means that most of them are utilizing the same towers that your cellular provider is providing to you for a fraction of the cost. There are prepaid options out there that provide unlimited calling, texting, and data usage (capped). Some of the top options are; Straight Talk, T-Mobile Prepaid, and AT&T GoPhone.

2. Utilize FREE Wifi Calling.

Some carriers do not allow this option. However, if you are currently utilizing the T-Mobile network, you can utilize FREE WiFi calling. You can do this with just about any smartphone that has the feature. Check to see if your provider and/or phone is capable of tapping into this feature.

3. Messaging Applications.

A lot of peoples bills are increased by $20 or more due to the inclusion of text messaging. The truth that carriers don’t want you to know is that you shouldn’t be paying a cent for text messaging anymore! You can utilize messaging applications that utilize data instead of sending the messages the traditional way. This not only means you do not have to pay for “messaging.” But also, you will be able to send messages back and forth at real time (think Instant Messaging). The top applications for this feature are; WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat.

4. Use Wifi.

Instead of dropping $30 for the inclusion of data in your mobile plan, you can try to opt to go WiFi only. The truth is most places offer you the opportunity to piggy back on their WiFi. Therefore, if you do not need constant access to the mobile Internet, you can eliminate a ton of excess charges from your bill by going the “free WiFi” route.

As you can see, there are a ton of ways to eliminate charges on your bills and save a ton of money in the process. If you utilize a few of these tips, you will notice  substantial savings right away.

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By Aria



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