Uncharted Places to Visit for Summer Vacations In 2014

It is in 2014 when you should break the norm and visit the most amazing and unexplored sceneries around the world.  Most people are predictable when choosing a destination to spend during summer. Don’t be like the, do something out of the ordinary and venture into the world of the unknown. Some of the most astonishing and uncharted summer vacation destinations include:

1.    Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa

This is where history was made, where the first African man (Nelson Mandela) united black and white people.  It is in this Cape City that freedom was unveiled and people started mingling freely. It is in this city where you can sample most of the African delicacies, swim in two ocean waters at the same time (The Atlantic and Indian Ocean front).

2.    Belfast, North Ireland

Belfast, North Ireland
Belfast, North Ireland

Belfast is slowly gaining fame thanks to the TV Series “Game of Thrones”. It is in Belfast that this movie has been filmed at, thanks to its natural and ancient scenes.  Ancient mansions, roads lined with old trees for the 18th century are also found here,  and these gives you a chance to see and experience what people in those ancient times had. You can also explore the great shorelines of Northern Ireland during the vacation.

3.    Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Equador
Quito, Equador

This is one place everyone should visit. Ecuador is blessed with an epic biodiversity, where more than 1000 bird species thrive in, and more than 4000 species of aquatic life. Life here is cool and the environment makes you drunk with fresh unpolluted and oxygen rich air.
It is also in Ecuador that the luxury vintage train is. The first world heritage city, Quito, was founded here, and this makes it a perfect summer vacation for the year 2014.

4.    Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia
Perth, Australia

Perth is for the people who love beaches and coastal life. There is a vast waterfront ready for those who love swimming in ocean waters in this western Australian tourist destination. You also get to sample some of the best locally produced wines in the world. Perth is a metrological city that has all kinds of modern supermarkets, fashion stores and artilleries that one would wish to own.

5.    Laikipia Plateau, Kenya

Laikipia, Kenya
Laikipia, Kenya

The African continent is blessed with wild life in their natural habitat. Many people go to Kenya to see the 7th wonder of the world (wildebeest migration) in May. Other than this, Laikipia plateau has been on the spotlight for having an Eco-resort for those vacationing and a conservation center for endangered animal species (White Rhinos, Elephants and leopards). Laikipia plateau gives you quiet scenery while watching these animals roam the wild.

6.    Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE

This is considered to be the most ambitious city in the world today, with business thriving and all forms of expensive lifestyle found here. Most of the world’s tallest skyscrapers on sand are found here, and visiting the city gives you a chance to see what being an ambitious city is like.

7.    Israel


Though a very small nation, Israel has many ancient monuments, Jerusalem (Bible City): Lake Galilee (where Jesus walked on water) and other World Heritage sites you ought to see.  It is also in Israel where Christianity, Islam and Judaism originated from, and this makes it a center of interest among many people.

These are just but a few destinations you can decide to visit for your vacation. Most of these are unheard of to many, but this doesn’t mean they are non-existent or you won’t have fun here.  Defy the rules and find time to explore where other people haven’t been.

By Aria


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